Classroom Binder Expectations

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Classroom Binder Expectations

As we tackle the rigorous and cumulative skill set for this class, you will maintain a binder that will serve as a reference, a study tool, and evidence of your individual growth as you build your Language and Composition skills in preparation for the AP Exam. You will organize your binder into 5 sections:

Binder Section

Materials Included

Bell Ringers

Grammar Practice

  • Grammar Notes

  • Grammar Exercises

  • ACT English Exam Review & Prep


Annotation & Response

  • All Annotated Readings

  • Response to Text in the form of:

    • Quickwrites

    • Organized Notes

    • Rhetorical Analysis Journals

Vocab &

AP Reference Materials

  • Glossary of Rhetorical Terms

  • AP Word Lists

  • Vocab in Context (From Readings)

Writing Portfolio

  • Writing Resources & Tools

  • Essay Drafts – Works in Progress

  • Scored Timed Writings

  • Final Polished Essays

General Binder Expectations:

  • All sections are separated by clearly labeled dividers with tabs.

  • All binder entries must include a date in the upper outside margin of the page.

  • You are responsible to keep materials NEAT and ORGANIZED in the appropriate sections of your binder. NO work from other classes may be stored in your AP Language binder.

  • You will NOT be provided with looseleaf paper or second paper copies of course readings if misplaced. Come prepared daily with readings and looseleaf.

  • Absences do not excuse you from binder entries. Please check the homework website in your absence or upon your return to access notes or materials missed.

  • Your binder will be collected and scored at least ONCE per quarter. Points will contribute to the Homework and Class Participation categories in your gradebook.

Binder Assignment #1: Set-up

  • Front cover of Binder includes your Name & Course Title

  • Binder does not exceed 2”

  • Sections Labeled

Teacher Initials for Assignment #1:

DUE DATE: ___________________

Download 139.01 Kb.

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