Class of 2016 The Senior Year

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Class of 2016 The Senior Year


Counselor Contact info:

  • Laura Klein, A-De Heather Erickson, Di-I
  • Diane Lindsay, J-Lo Truong Nguyen, Lu-Ni
  • Karen Schulz, No-St John VanderMolen, Su-Z

Today we will talk about:

  • Transcript Check
  • Post High School Options
  • Important Dates/SENIOR BLITZ!
  • Application Process - Naviance
  • Requesting a letter of Recommendation
  • Questions??

Transcript Check

  • Things to Note…
  • Have you retaken a class either during the school year or summer school?
  • Has the credit value from your lower grade been zeroed out?
  • Note any changes needed and return your transcript to your counselor at Senior Blitz
  • Deadline for changes for Rank is Sept 30th

Post High School Options:

  • 4 year public and private college/university
  • 2 year community/technical college
  • Other experience, military, Gap year, etc.

Some Local Community, Vocational and Technical Colleges-

    • Bellevue College, Bellevue
    • Cascadia Community College, Bothell (they have housing)
    • Seattle Community College (North, Central and South), Seattle
    • Edmonds Community College, Edmonds ( they have dorms)
    • Shoreline Community College, Shoreline
    • Green River Community College, Auburn (they have dorms!)
    • Lake Washington Technical College, Kirkland
    • Renton Technical College, Renton
    • Bates Technical College, Tacoma

Steps for Community/Technical College

  • Go to to research and find the right match. There are 34 CC options in WA.
  • After January 1, 2016 fill out specific CC fall application. Check the school website for priority deadlines. Bellevue College’s priority deadline is in mid May.
  • Register to take the Compass test (English and math placement test).
  • Meet with an academic advisor at the college to discuss class and career path.

What is your next step?

  • I don’t know where to start
  • I have too big of a college list
  • I don’t have a safety school
  • I’m worried I won’t get into a college I want
  • I’m worried about having enough time to complete my essay and application

Senior Year Timeline for College

  • Sept-Oct: Retake SAT/ACT if needed. Nov/Dec. could also be options depending on college deadlines
  • Mid-Sept-Oct: College applications “live”
  • Mid-Oct: Some art portfolios due
  • Nov. 1 and Nov 15: Early Decision / Early Action applications due
  • Nov-Jan (some later): Regular applications due
  • Jan 1: FAFSA on-line
  • Apr. 1: Colleges notify students of decisions
  • May 1: Decision day--tuition and housing deposits due
  • July: Final transcripts sent to college

The Fall Application Process Review

  • Finalize list of colleges you are applying to in Naviance.
  • Check deadlines (early action, early decision, regular) and admission requirements.
  • Start the easy part of the apps - do not procrastinate.
  • Order your transcripts in Naviance.
  • Invite counselor and teachers to write a letter of rec, if needed. (Turn in counselor packet 4 weeks prior to first deadline)
  • Work on essay and have it read by at least one other person.
  • Send ACT/SAT scores directly from organization.
  • Interview if necessary.

What makes a great application?

  • Professional and error free application
  • Be authentic, genuine and confident.
  • Colleges are looking for well-rounded, likeable students who will make their campuses diverse.
  • 90% of applicants are great students (grades, test scores). What makes you different, unique and amazing?
  • Have someone review the essay. Answer the prompt.
  • Choose your recommenders well…

4 Year University Application Process

  • Check app deadlines
  • Apply on-line – College website (can access through Naviance)
  • Order transcripts - Naviance
  • Send SAT/ACT scores
  • Check requirements if applying to honors colleges
  • Check app deadlines (ED/EA, Reg)
  • Apply on-line (common app) and list schools in Naviance
  • Order transcripts - Naviance
  • Send SAT/ACT scores
  • Invite teachers through Naviance
  • Your counselor will automatically be assigned in Naviance
  • Complete letter of rec. packet for counselor 3-4 weeks prior to 1st deadline. The latest is Dec. 1 for Jan. 1st or later app deadlines.


  • College Application and Deadline List
  • Waive your rights- In order to provide the most authentic and valuable letter of recommendation to admissions offices the NHS counselors ask that students waive their right to see letters of recommendation from counselors and teachers.
  • Counselor Questionnaire In order to write an engaging and honest letter, please answer all questions as completely as you can. Include details, examples, and descriptions as much as possible. Please submit your answers to your counselor only, not teachers. Do not give your teachers the same info, or you will have similar letters from everyone.
  • Resume
  • Teacher Feedback Form Please select 5 teachers who know you well who can provide useful information to your counselor. Make 5 copies of the form and ask your teachers to complete them in 5-7 days. The teachers will complete and return the form directly to your counselor. This information will allow your counselor to write a comprehensive letter of recommendation.
  • Family Brag Sheet(OPTIONAL)
  • Letter of Rec Packet
  • (on Counseling website)

Teacher Letters of Recommendation only required for private schools….

  • Teacher Letter
    • Check with teachers soon!
    • Each teacher has a different process
    • Invite teachers through Naviance.
      • Do NOT invite teachers via Common App
    • Be sure to thank the teacher for writing a letter for you!
    • Mid Year report and stamped envelope-if needed
  • Reminder: Counselor Letter – see NHS Counseling website

Apply Early Decision or Action?

  • Early Decision
  • Apply to one ED school.
  • If accepted, you must enroll.
  • Difficult to compare financial aid packages and scholarships.
  • Increases chances of admission for strong students and legacy students.
  • Early Action
  • Can apply to more than one school.
  • Acceptance is non-binding.
  • Easier to compare different financial aid and scholarship packages.
  • May increase chances & admission decisions are made earlier.

Sending ACT/SAT scores

  • All four year colleges require that students send ACT/SAT scores directly from the testing agencies.
  • Order official score reports on the ACT and SAT websites. There is a cost to send scores.
  • 4 sent for FREE if you sign up at the test. If you qualify for F/R lunch- you may qualify for free testing, but not free score reports.
  • You can choose which scores to send for both ACT and SAT. Some colleges do not participate in score choice.
  • Remember it takes 3-4 weeks so don’t delay.

UW Seattle Reminders

  • Online application will be available October 1st, 2015. Click link in Naviance.
  • No transcripts or letters of recommendation (exceptions: recruited athlete, Honors program, international student or Running Start).
  • Applying in October will NOT give you an advantage. Don’t rush your application- remember to do your best! Focus on essays, activities
  • Deadline is Dec 1, 2015- Test scores in by Dec 31st. The University of Washington requests that students submit scores from all SAT exams. In the freshman review, additional scores can only benefit the applicant.
  • Admission Decisions between March 15-31st.

A few key dates coming up

  • Week of Sept. 21st – Oct 2nd : Senior Blitz!
  • Tuesday, Sept 29th: Performing and Visual Arts Fair (
  • Tuesday, Oct 6th : College Corp application help begins! Tues & Thurs 2:30 – 3:15 in the Library
  • Wednesday, Oct. 14th: Admission essay and application help in the morning in the Library
  • Friday, Oct 16th and Saturday, Oct 17th: National College Fair at Seattle Convention Center (
  • Monday, Dec. 7th : FAFSA Night

Using Naviance for College Applications

  • Naviance is used for college research and applications.
  • All seniors created accounts in Naviance in October 2013. If you are new or did not create an account, your counselor will help you do this during your Senior Blitz appointment.

Using Naviance for College Applications

  • A Naviance Review…
  • Your Login is your Email Address
  • *If you don’t have an account, your counselor will get you one during Senior Blitz

Required College Application Steps in Naviance Step 1

  • Go to Naviance site:
  • Resources on home page: tasks, links and document library

Colleges I’m thinking about Step 2

  • To begin your list of potential colleges:
    • Go to College Tab, Click on “Colleges I’m Thinking About”
    • Search for colleges (use “more search options” to conduct an advanced search, based on your preferred criteria)
    • Add potential colleges to your list by clicking on “add to list”

Colleges I’m Applying To: Step 3

  • Once you have decided to submit an application for a particular college, move that college to the “colleges I’m applying to” list by clicking on “Move to Application List”.
  • For all public and private colleges, request official transcripts by clicking on “request transcripts” above your college list. Follow the links to request a transcript for each college. Allow three weeks to process.
  • For all private colleges, request teacher recommendations by selecting from drop down box. Allow six weeks to process.
  • For most public colleges (and colleges that don’t participate in Common App or SENDedu), go to the college website, click undergrad admissions, review application requirements and apply online.

Colleges I’m applying to: Step 3 (continued)

  • If you are applying via Common App:
    • Watch the link “matching capp.nav” on your Naviance homepage to learn how to sync your Common App and Naviance accounts.
    • Go to and set up your account and complete through the “Education” section
    • Write down your common app username and password
    • Return to Naviance and sign the Common App Waiver & FERPA form and enter your Common App username and password
  • Go back to Common App and apply online to your colleges

After you have submitted your college applications Step 4

  • In the “My app” column of the “Colleges I’m applying to” screen, update the status of your application.
  • Once colleges send you their decisions, click the pencil under “Results” to update your status

Requesting Official Transcripts

  • Request an Official Transcript in Naviance (“Colleges I’m Applying To”)
  • Students must pick up and mail non-Naviance transcripts we do not mail.
  • UW and UC schools do not require transcripts when applying! Transcripts will be sent after admission and/or in July.

Misc Items

  • If you are F/R lunch student- see your counselor for Fee Waivers for applications.
  • If you need your Class rank & Class size- see the counseling secretary in early October.
  • Make sure your email address is appropriate and professional. Have an email just for college admissions.
  • Be aware that your Facebook, Twitter or other social networking page may be accessed by college admissions counselors and potential employers.
  • Make sure your applications are complete and keep copies of everything.
  • Questions? Come see your counselor during tutorial 2:30-3:00 in counseling center during the month of October.

$ and More

  • This PowerPoint is available in Naviance and on the Newport High School Website.
  • There are an additional 15 slides of more detailed information and links for you and your parents.
  • Scholarships & Financial Aid information are posted in Naviance

Counselor Contact info:

  • Laura Klein, A-De Heather Erickson, Di-I
  • Diane Lindsay, J-Lo Truong Nguyen, Lu-Ni
  • Karen Schulz, No-St John VanderMolen, Su-Z


  • Check Naviance regularly.
  • Listen to Newport announcements.
  • Check Newport Counseling website for updates.
  • Register at for local scholarships
  • Useful Websites
  • REMEMBER: You should never have to pay for scholarship info. Be aware of scams!

Financial Aid

  • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Remember to turn in your FAFSA after January 1st, 2016
  • CSS Profile (College Board)
  • Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)
  • Research different types of aid available at understand the differences between loans, grants, work-study etc.

Public 4 –year Schools in Washington

  • Central Washington University, Ellensburg
  • Eastern Washington University, Cheney
  • Evergreen State College, Olympia
  • University of Washington, Seattle campus, Bothell campus and Tacoma campus
  • Washington State University, Pullman
  • Western Washington University, Bellingham
  • Bellevue College, Bellevue

WA Public University average admission profile class of 2013

  • GPA
  • SAT
  • ACT
  • CWU
  • 2.8-3.5
  • 890-1120 CR+M
  • 18-24
  • 3.27
  • 960 CR+M
  • 21
  • 3.02
  • 970-1230 CR+M
  • 21-27
  • 3.67-3.94
  • 1760-2040 writing too
  • 26-32
  • WSU
  • 3.4
  • 950-1170 CR+M
  • 20-26
  • 3.29-3.80
  • 1530-1830
  • 23-28

WA Private Universities average profile Fall 2013

  • Average GPA
  • Average SAT
  • Average ACT
  • UPS
  • 3.28-3.85
  • 1730-1980
  • 26-30
  • Whitman
  • 3.59-3.96
  • 1870-2180
  • 28-32
  • Whitworth
  • 3.57-3.98
  • 1590-1920
  • 26
  • Gonzaga
  • 3.51-3.94
  • 1120-1280
  • 25-29

WA Private Universities Cont. average profile Fall 2013

  • Average GPA
  • Average SAT
  • Average ACT
  • St. Martin’s
  • 3.47
  • 1595
  • 23
  • PLU
  • 3.61
  • 1100 CR & M only
  • 25
  • SPU
  • 3.42-3.84
  • 1050-1250 CR & M only
  • 23-28
  • SU
  • 3.3-3.9
  • 1580-1890
  • 24-28

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