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Summer Assignments

9th Grade LHS PIBS

Revised May 2012

The purpose of the 9th Grade PIBS summer assignment is to keep students sharp in their academic skills—not to overwhelm students. It is important that students get used to doing some school work during the summer because they will be writing their 4,000 word, original research Extended Essay during the summer of their junior year.

Spanish I: This assignment is optional, but strongly encouraged. Register for a free membership on During summer, please work at your own pace to begin your learning of Spanish. There is no work that is mandatory, but student exploration of Spanish will only improve your ability to do well in school. (If you can’t seem to use the website, do not worry—you may find another website that exposes you to Spanish basics!)

World History:



All assignments are due on the first day of AP World History in August.


On the 2 attached maps, (can also be found by June 3 at you are expected to neatly label the places and regions listed below. During the first week of school there will be a map quiz, so it is also important that you are able to identify these places and regions on a map.

On the Political Map (lines separating the countries):
Canada United States Mexico Brazil Chili

Cuba South Africa Egypt Liberia Ethiopia

Sudan Portugal Spain France Great Britain

Italy Germany Russia Turkey Israel

Iran Iraq Greece Afghanistan Pakistan

India China Mongolia Japan North Korea

South Korea Vietnam Australia

On the Physical Map (shows mountains and rivers):
Oceans Rivers Deserts Mountains Seas, etc.

Atlantic Amazon Sahara Andes Caribbean

Pacific Nile Gobi Himalaya Mediterranean

Indian Tigris Syrian Alps Persian Gulf

Euphrates Kalahari Ural Red Sea

Yellow Rocky S. China Sea

Indus Black Sea

Yangzi Caspian Sea

**And lightly shade/color code the following regions (Search “World Cultural Regions”):

U. S. and Canada Middle East & N. Africa South Asia

Africa South of the Sahara Russia & Central Asia Europe

East Asia Southeast Asia

Australia, New Zealand, & Pacific Islands Latin America

NOTE: In some cases, you may not have enough space to label on the map itself. In that case, you will number those places on the map and create a legend on a separate piece of paper. For example, you have to label the Tigris River. There is not enough room, so put a #1 next to it. On lined paper, write #1= Tigris River.

Credit: The map activity will count for a classwork assignment grade and the in-class quiz will represent your first quiz grade (there will be 18 planned quizzes throughout the year).


Go to the website below and follow the directions. Complete all parts of the assignment!

*****PLEASE ENTER YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME where it asks for first name.***** For teacher’s email address, enter:

Credit: This will be your first writing assignment. Writing assignments count for 15% of your grade. Your grade will be based on following the directions and providing thoughtful and thorough responses.

PART THREE: optional reading

Extra Credit: (Will be awarded a certificate which can be used to add 10 points to a test or for one late homework pass.)

Gombrich, E.H., A Little History of the World

The book chosen for your reading pleasure was written by E.H Gombrich in 1935 for his grandchildren. As you read, you will realize that is intended for younger audiences. You will find it to be an extremely easy read as the information is presented in much more colorful "storybook" manner. In addition to reading the text, I am requiring you to identify certain concepts. Throughout the course of the year we will address these concepts as well as many others.
Below is a website in which you may read part of the book online. This is perfect for students who are more inclined to read on a computer than a book, or those who are unable to purchase the book. Just remember, you get what you pay for. Since the online version is free, you will notice it is missing a couple of pages. Even though these pages are not essential to understanding the text, if you would prefer to purchase the book, you can find it at any major book store or
Website: Google Books- A Little History of the World
Read the book, then pick 50 of the topics within the 40 chapters and answer who or what, where, when, and why it is important.

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