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Horatio Alger Association

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Horatio Alger Association



  • Contact:

All USA Academic Team

  • Amount: $2500 Due: November

  • Student must submit written work

  • Contact (703) 276-5890

Alpha Kappa Alpha

  • Educational Advancement Foundation Amt. $500 - $1500 Deadline: December

  • Contact: Alpha Kappa Alpha Foundation

5656 South Island Avenue

Chicago, IL 60637

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity /Beta Omicron Lambda Chapter

  • Male from Mobile and surrounding areas

  • Application with photo Amount: $1000 Due: May

  • Autobiographical essay explaining financial needs

  • GPA 3.0 or higher

Contact: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity /Beta Omicron Lambda Chapter

  • PO Box 2383,

  • Mobile, AL 36652 251-432-7640

Ambassadorial Scholarships

  • This is the prestigious “Rotary” organization scholarship for students who can speak another language and want to study abroad in the “host” country of that language

  • Award amounts are from $10,000 to $23,000 for a 3-month to full year of study abroad.

  • You should have completed at least 2 years of college work.

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

  • Various internships and fellowships.  Contact Agency for award amount.
    Contact: Education and Human Resource
    1333 H St, NW
    Washington, DC  20005

  • American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA)

  • Annual 10-week summer intern program for ethnic minorities, who are full-time college students and will be college seniors or graduate students next fall and major in advertising, communications, liberal arts, marketing or related area. 

  • Applicant must be a US citizen/permanent resident with a minimum GPA of 2.7/4.0, and committed to a career in advertising. 

  • Students are placed in AAAA member advertising agencies across the country to gain experience in advertising. 

  • Students apply to work in one of four departments: Account Management, Research, Media, & Creative.

  • Award amount: Salary - approximately $300/week for 10 weeks.
    Contact: R. Jackman, Manager/Diversity Program
    Am Assn of Advertising Agency
    405 Lexington Ave - 18th Floor
    New York, NY  10174 
    (212) 986-4721

  • American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology Scholarship

  • All high school seniors with documented asthma who will graduate in 2006 and who have achieved excellence in a wide variety of areas including academics, extra curricular activities and community service are eligible.

  • Contact:

  • American Association of University Women

  • Contact:

  • See: Fellowships, Grants, Awards

American Business Women’s Association / D’Iberville Chapter

  • Three character references

  • Transcript / essay

  • Biographical statement

  • Deadline January

  • Contact : American Business Women’s Association / D’Iberville Chapter

1522 Northview Drive, Mobile AL 36618

or 5913 Cottage Hill Rd. Mobile, AL 36609

  • American Chemical Society Scholars Program
    Contact: American Chemical Society (ACS)
    Scholarship Coordinator
    1155 16th Street NW
    Washington, DC  20036

    American Dental Hygienists’ Association Institute

  • Annual awards for full-time, minority (African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, and Males) undergraduate/graduate students currently under represented in the Dental Hygiene profession. 

  • Contact:

  • Selection based on minimum 3.0 GPA, documented financial need of at least $1,500, and completion of a minimum of 1 full-time year in dental hygiene curriculum prior to receiving the award.
    Contact: Scholarship Administrator
    ADHA Institute for Oral Health
    444 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 3400
    Chicago, IL  60611 
    (312) 440-8900

  • American Dietetic Association Foundation Scholarship

  • The applicant must be a minority male with a parent in the Dental Administration. 

  • Amount: $1,500.  Deadline: June 1.
    Contact: Director of Scholarship
    American Dental Hygienists Association
    444 North Michigan Avenue #3400
    Chicago, IL  60611

  • American Dental Association Foundation

  • Contact:

  • Contact: ADA Foundation Phone: 312-440-2547
    211 East Chicago Avenue Fax: 312-440-3526
    Chicago, IL 60611 E-mail:

  • American Geophysical Union

  • Minority graduate or undergraduate student studying earth, space or marine science or related education field. 

  • Contact: American Geophysical Union
    2000 Florida Ave
    Washington, DC  20009

American Indian College Fund

  • American Indian Heritage Foundation/Miss Indian U.S.A 

  • Annual competition for young Native American women. 

  • Award is for 2 years and includes full scholarship to nationally-known college/university-up to $15,000 per year.

  • Contact: Scholarship Coordinator
    American Indian Heritage Foundation
    6051 Arlington Blvd
    Falls Church, VA  22044 
    (703) 237-7500

  • American Indian Heritage Foundation/Outstanding Indian 

  • This annually awarded scholarship is for outstanding Native American youth interested in postsecondary education.  The amount awarded varies, but the average is $1000. 

  • Contact: Scholarship Coordinator
    American Indian Heritage Foundation
    6051 Arlington Blvd
    Falls Church, VA  22044 
    (703) 237-7500

American Indian Heritage Foundation/Scholars

  • This is an annually awarded scholarship for financially needy Native American high school students who intend to pursue a secondary education. 

  • Average award: $1,000

  • Contact: Scholarship Coordinator
    American Indian Heritage Foundation
    6051 Arlington Boulevard
    Falls Church, VA  22044 
    (703) 237-7500

American Indian Graduate Center

  • Scholarships for American Indians

  • Contact:

American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES)

  • For members of AISES who are American Indian/Alaskan Native college students pursuing academic programs in the sciences, engineering, medicine, business, natural resources, and math and science secondary education.

  • Contact:

American Indian Special Education Teacher Program

  • Amount: Tuition, fees and stipend

  • Deadline May 15

  • Contact: American Indian Special Education Teacher Program

27 Cedar Building

University Park, PA 16802-3109

American Indian Youth/ 7th Generation Scholarship

  • Based on financial need


American Institute of Architects (AIA) Foundation 

  • Annual award for undergraduate minority and/or disadvantaged students who are pursuing a career in architectural studies

  • Student must be accepted to a NAAB accredited architecture school and be renewed for a total of 3 years. 

  • In addition to the application, the student must submit a nomination. 
    Contact: Scholarship Coordinator
    American Institute of Architects
    1735 New York Ave - NW
    Washington, DC  20006 
    (202) 785-7511

American Institute of Architects Minority Disadvantaged Scholarship 

  • This is a scholarship for minority students enrolling in architecture programs.

  • Awards are from $500 to $3,000. Generally 20 students are selected.

  • Deadline: December 6.

American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS)/Minority 

  • Annual award for a currently enrolled minority undergraduate student

with a minimum of 24 credits toward a degree

who wishes to study abroad at a selected university/college. 

  • Applications will be accepted from Pacific Islanders, African-, Asian-, Native-, and Hispanic-Americans

  • Selection is based on applicant’s fulfillment of the program requirements, financial need, academic accomplishments, demonstrated leadership ability, extracurricular activities centered on multicultural/international issues, and a statement concerning objectives for wanting to study abroad. 

  • In addition to the application, the student must submit the Minority Scholarship application,

the AIFS academic year and semester application to AIFS College Division,

including a 3rd letter of reference. 

  • Award includes tuition, room and board, and round trip air fare. 

  • Contact: Scholarship Coordinator
    American Institute-Foreign Study
    102 Greenwich Avenue, PO Box 2670
    Greenwich, CT  06830-2670 
    (800) 727-2437

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Scholarships 

  • For undergraduates studying accounting at a U.S. college with at least 30 credits completed.

  • Awards up to $5,000 with about 300 winners annually. Deadline is in July. Visit Web site for GPA requirements and details.
American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers, Inc. Women’s Auxiliary

  • Students studying mining, geology, metallurgy, petroleum, mineral science, materials science, mining economics, and other related fields. 

  • Contact: American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers, Inc. Women’s Auxiliary
    Fourteenth Floor
    345 E. 47th St.
    New York, NY  10024

American Library Association (ALA) Spectrum Initiative Scholarship program

  • MLA and the National Library of Medicine (NLM) jointly sponsor a
    scholarship through the American Library Association (ALA) Spectrum
    Initiative Scholarship program.

  • The two organizations make a total annual
    donation of $5,000 each year to support minority students in their goals to
    become health sciences information professionals.

  • African American,Hispanic, Asian, Native American, or Pacific Islander individuals attending ALA-accredited library schools are eligible.

  • Deadline: March 1.

  • Contact: ALA, the scholarship administrator
    Spectrum Inquiry Line
    (800) 545-2433 x4276

American Legion

  • Parent or grandparent involved in designated American conflicts/Wars

  • Complete application for designated school – Photo – Transcript – 2 letter references

  • $850 per yr.

  • May 1 (all must be mailed together)

  • Contact: American Legion Scholarship PO Box 1069

  1. Montgomery, Al 36101

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