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Robert Scott Scholarship Foundation

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Robert Scott Scholarship Foundation

  • Financial need due to parent/ guardian’s illness or injury (particularly those that were active in high school or college basketball programs in the state of AL)

  • Deadline April

  • Must attend school in Alabama

  • Contact: Robert Scott Scholarship Foundations 100 Grandview Place, Suite 110 Birmingham, AL 35243

Rotary Club of Mobile

  • $4,000

  • Academic Test

  • Senior in public or private Mobile County School

  • Accredited college

  • Contact: Rotary Club of Mobile PO Box 94

Mobile, AL 36601-0094

Roy Wilkie Scholarship Instructions

  • Two appraisal forms

  • Transcript

  • One page essay

  • Deadline May

  • Study English at University of Alabama

  • Contact: The Community Foundation of South Alabama

  • PO Box 990 Mobile, AL 36601 (251)438-5591

Rosa A. Lott Scholarship

  • African-American $1,000

  • Attended Rosa A Lott or Belsaw-Mt Vernon Schools

  • 3 character references, transcript, 300 wd. Essay w/ career goals

  • Resume’ with community / church involvement

  • Copy of Acceptance letter to college

  • December Deadline

  • Contact: Rosa A Lott Royalette

  • Scholarship Committee PO Box 72206 Newnan, GA 30271


Scholar-Chessplayer Outstanding Achievement Award

  • High school juniors and seniors in the Americas who excel in academics, play chess and demonstrate good sportsmanship.  Deadline: March 1.  Amount: $2,500.

Sponsors contests in art, photography, writing and other subjects, for students in grades 7-12.

  • Contact: Scholastic, Inc.
    555 Broadway
    New York, NY  10012-3999

Shell Oil Companies Foundation/Shell Incentive Funds
Annual awards for minority students working towards a bachelor’s degree in Business or Technology, at participating universities.  Student must be a U.S. citizen.  Due date, award amount (which is paid directly to the school), and number of awards may vary.  Contact the Foundation for a list of participating schools; a stamped self-addressed envelope must be included.  The universities must be contacted for specific information and/or applications. 
Contact: Education Grants Officer
Shell Oil Companies Foundation
PO Box 2463
Houston, TX  77252 

SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Engineering Scholarships

  • Intended degree area in engineering or related field

  • December
  • Type I : Must be enrolled in accredited ABET Engineering Program

  • $1,000 to $10,000 Contact: BMW/SAE Engineering Scholarship 3.75GPA 90%ACT Math & Verbal $1500 /4yrs.

  • E.D. Hendrickson/SAE 3.75 GPA 90%ACT Math & Verbal $1,000 /4yrs.

  • SAE Women Engineers Committee 3.0 GPA $1500

  • Tau Beta PI/SAE 3.75GPA 90%ACT Math & Verbal $1,000

  • TMC/SAE D.D. Dawson Technical 3.25GPA ACT 27+ $1,500 / 4 yrs. w/3.0 GPA

  • Fred W. Young Sr./SAE 3.75GPA 90%ACT Math & Verbal $1,000/4yrs. w/3/0 GPA

  • Detroit Section SAE Technical 3.0 GPA 28 ACT child/grandchild of Detroit SAE member

  • Type II Sponsored by participating college

$400 to full tuition Contact:

University of AL/J.C. Lewis/SAE GPA 3.5 ACT 27 $1,000/4yrs w/3.0 GPA

  • University of Arkansas/SAE GPA & ACT $500/4yr

  • Arkansas Tech Uni./SAE GPA & ACT (mech. & elect. eng.) $1,000 to $4,000/4yr w/3.25 GPA

  • Bradley University/John Deere/SAE GPA & ACT $1,250/4yr. w/3.0 GPA

University of Bridgeport/SAE (computer sci., comp. Eng., or Mathematics) 3.0GPA 24 ACT $9,000/4yrs w/3.0GPA

  • Calvin College/J. Bosscher/SAE +GPA & ACT $2,000/2yrs.

  • Catholic University of America/SAE financial need $1,000/4yrs w/3.0 GPA

  • Cedarville University/SAE academic achievement financial need $1,000

  • Central Missouri State University/Auto. Technology/SAE 3.2 GPA 25 Act $500/2yr. w/3.5 GPA

  • Central State University/SAE 3.0 GPA +ACT; $1,000/2yr w/3.0 GPA

Sallie Mae Fund

  • The Sallie Mae Fund, a charitable organization sponsored by Sallie Mae®, achieves its mission—to increase access to higher education for America's students—by supporting programs and initiatives that help open doors to higher education, prepare families for their college investment, and bridge the gap when no one else can.







Samford University

  • Visit web site

  • Nomination Letters

Service Merchandise Scholarship

  • $500

  • contact: 1-800-251-1212

  • attend accredited 4 yr. College full time

  • fall

Sigma Phi Epsilon / Balanced Man Scholarship

$1,000 for each University (Alabama, Auburn, Jacksonville State, Auburn Montgomery, Samford and Huntington)

  • Contact: or

Donald Simmons Scholarship

  • Male / female Citronelle High School Student Deadline March

  • 3-4 page essay on goals and reason of scholarship

  • Short biography typed bind with paperclip

J. Craig & Page T. Smith Scholarship Foundation

  • Graduating Alabama high school senior entering accredited Alabama Colleges for fall term

  • Applicant must be first of family to attend college.

  • Essay on future plans or goals

  • Essay documenting community and civic-oriented activities or assistance to family members.

  • 3 signed personal recommendation letters

  • Recipient must maintain full-time status with a minimum ‘C+’ average

J. Craig & Page T. Smith Scholarship Foundation

505 20th Street North

Suite No. 1800

Birmingham, AL. 35203 (205) 250-6669

South Alabama Regional Planning Commission

  • Research paper 3-5 pages double spaced MLA format

  • September Limited to Mobile & Baldwin County $500 to $200

  • Contact: South Alabama Regional Planning Commission

PO Box 1665 Mobile, AL 36633

South Region Minority Business Council

  • Must be a minority pursuing a career in business Monetary assist with tuition

  • Two letters of recommendation Essay typed approximately 500 word

  • 2.0 GPA 15+ ACT December

  • Contact: South Regions Business Council 251-471-6380

3100 Cottage Hill Road, Suite 218

Mobile, AL 36606 Atten: Scholarship Committee

Carol Simpson Scholarship

  • For any minority college student whose career objective is electronic journalism.
    Contact: Radio and Television News Directors Foundation
    1000 Connecticut Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC  20036

Society of Women Engineers Scholarships

  • These scholarships are targeted for women who are majoring in engineering or computer science. Award amount are from $200 to $5,000, and at least 90 are granted. Deadline: February 1.

Southern Newspaper Publishers Association

  • Annual awards for minority freshman who are pursuing a career in journalism, advertising, business, accounting, or related field.  In addition to the application, student must submit, to the newspaper, a black and white photo, 500-word essay, 3 letters of recommendation (one each from the publisher, student’s high school principal, and guidance counselor), letter of acceptance from any 4-year college, a copy of the student’s ACT/SAT scores, and the student’s CGPA.  Students must be nominated by members of the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association.  APPLICATION NOT ACCEPTED DIRECTLY FROM STUDENTS OR COLLEGES.  Each student receives a $1,000 scholarship from the local newspaper that made the nomination and a $2,000 scholarship from the SNPA Foundation for four consecutive years.  Number of awards may vary. 

  • Contact the Southern Newspaper Publisher Association for more information and/or application. 
    Contact: Scholarship Coordinator
    Southern Newspaper Publisher Assn
    PO Box 28875
    Atlanta, GA  30358 
    (404) 256-0444

Stonewall Jackson Repayable Scholarship/ Ala. Dept. of Archives & History

  • $1,000

  • 1500 word essay on life of Stonewall Jackson

  • repayment after graduation from college

  • Contact: Stonewall Jackson Scholarship Ala. Dept of Archives & History

  • PO Box 300100 Montgomery, AL 36130-0100

Student Advantage Scholarship

  • Applicant must be either a resident of Arkansas who can attend an in-state or out-of-state post-secondary education institution in Arkansas.  Applicant must plan to be enrolled for the upcoming academic year and must enroll on at least a half-time basis.  Deadline: April 15.  Amount: $250.

Student Incentive Grant

  • For Texas residents or nonresident.  For undergraduates or graduates enrolled at least half time.  For students attending public colleges in Texas.  Cannot be in default on a student loan.  Cannot owe a refund on a student grant.  If male, must meet draft registration requirements.  Amount: Up to $1,250.

SunTrust Bank

  • $1,000 scholarship plus $250 Sun Trust Gift Card

  • Registration is every month October to May with winner each month

  • BEWARE: Site is a school loan site. Take care not to sign-up for HIGH INTEREST Loans on the Application.

  • Apply on line: or

Take Me Away to College Calgon Bath and Body Scholarship Contest

  • Open to high school seniors starting college full-time in the fall at an accredited 2 or 4-year school.  Deadline: August 15.  Amount: $500-$2,500.

Target Stores (Target All-Around Scholarship)

  • Contact:
    For well-rounded students who are dedicated to improving their communities and themselves.  You must be committed to your community through volunteer service, education and family involvement.
    Contact: Target Stores (All-Around Scholarship)
    Citizen’s Scholarship Foundation
    1505 Riverview Road
    St. Peter, MN  56082-0480

    Telamon Corporation

  • Students that have participated in farming work over a two year period and wish to attend a junior college in the state of Alabama may receive money for tuition, books, fees, etc.

  • Contact: Sandra Willingham

AL05, Mobile

515 Springhill Plaza Ct.

Mobile, AL 36608 phone#: (251) 302-0392 fax: (251) 461-4443
ThinkQuest Internet Challenge

  • International program for students ages 12 through 19 that encourages them to use the Internet to create Web-based educational tools and materials.  Awards are handed out in five categories.  To participate you must be an elementary or secondary school student who is not enrolled full time in an institution of higher education.  The competition is done as a team with one or two other students and one to three coaches who are teachers or mentors. 

  • Deadline: May 1.  Amount: $100-$25,000.

Thunderbird Foundation Art Scholarship/Art Scholarship

  • Annually awarded Art scholarships for Native Americans (Indian, Eskimo, Aleut) who are enrolled in a college/university and are majoring in art or art education. Applicants must be enrolled Tribal Members.  To be considered, students must have artistic works entered in the Red Cloud Indian Art Show.  Scholarships are awarded on basis of excellence of art entered in the Red Cloud Art Show.  Financial need is also considered.

  • Contact: Scholarship Coordinator
    Red Cloud Indian Art Show
    The Heritage Center - Box 100
    Pine Ridge, SD  57770 

Tylenol Scholarship Program

  • $1,000 (150)

  • Health-related College scholarships

  • Demonstrate leadership in community/school activities

  • 2 or 4 year accredited college

  • April Contact:

Toyota Community Scholars

  • Deadline December 5 GPA 3.0 or higher

  • $10,000-$20,000 renewable Academic US citizen

  • Contact: (609) 771-7878 or

Tuskegee University

  • Transcript Male / Female GPA 3.0 or higher

Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

  • Male attending University of South AL $300

  • Resume

  • Deadline July 1

  • Contact: Klayton Barrows email

Troy State University (Students must meet specific criteria)

  • Elbert Botts Scholarship 2.0GPA Geomatics or Business Major

  • Floyd-Braswell Scholars Award financial need & academic achievement

  • Dacre Green Davis Environmental Science good citizenship

Environmental Science Field – work in Center for Environmental Service

  • Allan B. Fountain Art Scholarship majoring in art

  • Martha Reddoch Harlin Memorial majoring in education 2.0 GPA

  • Dr. Emmett Kilpatrick Perpetual Memorial Fund 3.0GPA & 25 ACT ( Maintain 3.0)

Roy E. and Mable Jeffcoat Scholarship 2.5 GPA Education Major

  • Alice D Moseley Endowment Scholarship 3.0GPA (maintain 2.5 GPA)

  • Bryon Lee Perpetual Memorial Fund 24 ACT & 3.0 GPA

  • Hugh G. Rose Scholarship Essay/ Free Enterprise System 3.0 GPA

  • Blanche Reynolds Solomon Scholarship 3.0 GPA & 18 ACT (maintain 2.5GPA)

Patricia Stark Nursing Scholarship Nursing major

Cathy Lynn Stewart Scholarship 2.0 GPA & 23 ACT Political Science Field

(history, criminal justice, government) maintain 2.0GPA

Academic Scholars Award 3.0 GPA unweighted

Bertie Clark Cain and Veta Ross Tootle Scholarship 2.5 GPA unweighted

Nursing Major

Dempsey Boyd Scholarship Business major 2.7 GPA unweighted & must maintain

Tuskegee University Presidential Scholarship Award

  • Have 3.0-4.0 GPA Submit FAFSA

  • top 10 in class (full tuition, room & board, book voucher) renewable w/ 3.0 GPA

  • Contact:

Harry S. Truman Scholarship

  • The is one of the most prestigious scholarships, shaped for students who intend to pursue a career targeted to public service or government. Graduate study should be a goal, with a portion of the funds directed there. You must be at least a junior, and your college must nominate you. A “nomination” package must be created. The awards can reach as high as $30,000 over the years. Generally about 80 students are selected. Deadline: February 1.


Morris K. Udall Scholarship Program

  • Awards scholarships to outstanding Native American and Alaska Native students who are college sophomores or juniors in the current academic year,  have at least a “B” average, are in the upper ¼ of their class, and intend to pursue careers in health care of tribal public policy.  To be considered, a student must be nominated by his or her college or university.

    Contact: Morris K. Udall Scholarship Program
    2201 North Dodge Street
    Iowa City, IA  52243-4030
    (319) 337-1707

UNA-USA National High School Essay Contest

  • Open to students in grades 9-12. You must submit an essay on a theme selected by the sponsor.  Deadline: April 14.  Amount: $500-$1,000.

United Methodist Church HANA Scholars Program

  • Active member of the United Methodist Church and a minority citizen or permanent resident.  Deadline: April 1.  Amount: $3,000 maximum. 
    Contact: Board of Higher Education and Ministry
    PO Box 871
    Nashville TN  37202-0871

    United Negro College Fund

U.S. Senate Youth Program

  • Sept. (2) state scholarships for $2000

  • Examination and essay of approx. 300 words written in 45 min.

  • Contact: Susan Dubose, Educational Spec. State Dept. of Ed.

3339 Gordon Persons Building PO Box 302101

Montgomery, AL 36130-2101 (334) 242-8082

U.S Air Force Academy

  • U.S citizen

  • Pass a commissioning physical / AFROTC physical fitness test

  • 2.0 GPA

  • Under 31

  • Deadline December 3

U.S. Army Reserve
University of Tenessee /Pasqua Scholarship for

Nuclear & Radiological Engineering

  • Male / Female $2,000 (distributed of 4 Semesters w/ 2.75GPA GPA 2.75 extra $1,000 if 3.0 GPA)

The University of Mississippi

  • Register on line at

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