Citations Rubric

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Citations Rubric

20 points

Format for Citations is as follows:

  1. Title of page is Works Cited. Only those works cited within your paper are included in the Works Cited list.

  2. Citations are in alphabetical order by the first letter of the entry.

  3. The entries have a “hanging indent” (where the first line of a citation is at the usual spot on the left margin, but all the following lines in that paragraph are moved in to the next tab stop). Hanging Indent (use ctrl + T to create Hanging Indent.)

Sample of citation with hanging indent:

Freedman, Russell and James Lincoln Collier. Abraham Lincoln: My Life after the

War. Boston: Houghton, 2007.

4.Font and size are consistent throughout the page; blue ink from links is removed (right click over the link and select “remove hyperlink.”





1 or 0

Format of Works Cited Page

All parts of format (above) are followed consistently

One part of format is missing.

More than one element is consistently incorrect

Works Cited page is missing or not done according to any of the correct format.

Elements of citation according to lessons on print and web site citation and with use of EasyBib.

All parts of the citation (author, title, publisher etc.) are included correctly.

One part of a citation is missing in one place.

One part of a citation is consistently missing for several entries

Little to no attempt to use EasyBib correctly


All are correct.

There are no more than 3 mistakes.

Consistent errors throughout.

Many spelling and capitalization errors.

Parenthetical Citations

Format is correct There is a good balance of citations –not too many and not too few.

One or two mistakes in format and/or either too many or too few citations.

Consistently makes mistakes in the formatting of parenthetical citations. No distinction between what should be cited and what doesn’t need to be cited.

No attempt to use parenthetical citations.

Quality of Resources, especially web sites. Only sites appropriate for a research paper are used

Forms for each cited web site included, when necessary, showing that the sites are credible.

Some question about credibility of websites.

Form for website evaluation is missing for more than one site and/or some questions about credibility of sites..

Student includes wikipedia or in works cited list and/or

Student shows poor judgment (based on website evaluations) in choice of websites.

Download 35.5 Kb.

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