Citation Handouts

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Citation Handouts
APA In-text Citation

APA Style: General Guidelines for Formatting

APA Reference List—Basic Citation Entries and Examples

Sample MLA Paper

MLA General Guidelines

Integrating Sources

MLA In-text Citation

MLA Style Guidelines—7th Edition

MLA Works Cited Page

Chicago Style: General Guidelines for Formatting a Paper

Chicago Style Citation: Notes-bibliography Format

Chicago Style Citation: Author-date Format

Chicago Style Notes Guideline—15th Edition

Chicago Style Bibliographic Guideline—15th Edition

CSE Documentation—Citation-sequence Method

CSE Documentation—Name-year Method

Evaluating Websites

The Pre-Search: Brainstorming Search Terms

To Quote or Not to Quote?

Quotations, Paraphrasing, and Paragraph Development

Writing Handouts

Invention: Starting the Writing Process

Planning an Essay

Five Paragraph Essay Outline

The Outline Worksheet

The Introductory Paragraph

Thesis Statements

“They Say/I Say:” A Model for Developing Arguments and Thesis Statements

Building a Solid Structure for Your Essay

Tips for Better Paragraphs: The “Burger” Approach

Paragraphing: The MEAL Plan

Connecting Paragraphs

Transitions and Words That Show Logical Relationships

The Conclusion Paragraph

Types of Papers

Techniques for Comparison/Contrast Essay Writing

Personal Statement

What Does My Professor Really Want?: Some General Guidelines

Logos, Ethos, and Pathos

Logical Fallacies: Short Cuts in Logic

Common Logical Fallacies: A Quick Naming Reference

Grammar Handouts
Identifying Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences

Improving Sentence Clarity

“Paramedic Method:” How to Make Sentences Clear and Concise

Punctuation Patterns


Taking the Mystery Out of Semi-colons, Colons, and Dashes

Commas for the Timid and Brave

Guidelines for Article Usage

Articles: Flow Chart and Guidelines


A Primer for Participles

Ways to Memorize the Joining Words: Know Your Conjunctions

Words Used to Coordinate, Subordinate, and Co-relate

Some Helpful Word Lists

Learning to Find Sentence Boundary Errors

Relative Clauses, Appositives, and Participles: An Overview

Using Relative Clauses

Restrictive and Non-restrictive Modifiers

Verb Tenses Chart

Verb Tenses

Prepositional Phrases



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