Check List (write "yes", "no", or "in progress")

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9/13/10 BR: Check List (write “yes”, “no”, or “in progress”) 1. Do you have a binder? 2. Did you finish the exit slip from Friday? 3. Did you get all the forms from Friday? 4. Did you complete them? 5. Gradebook and RHS web site? 6. Do you understand typical day, daily notes/binder page/reading notes?

  • Make sure to hand your forms from Friday
  • Make sure to create a personal folder -
  • If you have been absent check the web site for what you have missed

Assignment (25 Pts) Due Wednesday

  • “How I Got My ‘A’ Essay”
  • This is your first writing assignment. It is a letter to yourself.
  • Imagine that it is the end of the year..
  • You are writing a letter to yourself describe what specifically (skills, behaviors, attitudes) you did this year to get an A in this class or to have a successful year. Be specific, don’t use generalizations like “I worked hard” or “I had a good attitude.” Your letter should include at least one item from each area.
  • Minimum 1 page (handwritten is ok) Maximum 2 pages.


  • Dear Joe,
  • Well man, what I can I say? You had an awesome year in Mr. McIntosh’s class. You got an A and you totally deserved it. It wasn’t easy. First, you really stepped up when it came to attendance. You only missed 5 days of Mr. Mac’s class this year (and that was because of that stupid swine flu thing!). You never cut even on those days when Luis wanted you to cut to go to those daytimes. (By the way, I hope he’s going well at that alternative school he had to go to when Dr. Alvarez threw him out of here.) Also, you did a great job of keeping up with your homework and class assignments. You didn’t skip an assignment once. Sure there were a couple of ones that you handed something in late because you didn’t understand them but meeting with Mr. a couple of times in room 329 before or after school cleared things up enough so that you could get some credit. Annother big thing you did was to push yourself to participate in class. It was great how you set a goal to try and ask one question each day…

Brainstorm (10 minutes)

  • I’ll divide you into a group.
  • As a group, come up with some specific behaviors, attitudes, or skills that you will work on to achieve success in this class this year.
  • As you come up with ideas, send a representative to write them on the board.




Ideas for Success? (use these in you “A” essay)

  • Set aside 10 minutes to read only for this class
  • Check my snapgrades every day (every Friday)
  • Come to class on time every day
  • Try to participate
  • Study for test
  • Don’t cut
  • Get assignments in on time
  • Ask for help if I’m having trouble or if something isn’t clear
  • Complete assignments
  • Check for homework if I’m absent
  • Come prepared (have writing instrument, text, binder,)
  • Be respectful to classmates (help them if I can)
  • Work with classmates
  • Trust that Mr. Mac isn’t crazy.
  • Maintain your binder
  • Take notes(and keep them)
  • Wear I.D./Follow Dress Code
  • Make schoolwork a priority.

Exit Slip – Reminder (nothing to write down..)

  • I will pick up binders this Friday.
  • I’ll be checking for the things we’ve done this week.
  • Since this is your 1st binder pick up I’ll give you a checklist of what should be in there.

Download 161 Kb.

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