Chapter V discussion

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  1. Slang

Based on research finding, the researcher found many slang in the Ciara’s songs lyrics. Based on research slang is as informal, nonstandard words or phrase (lexical innovation). Which tend to originate in subcultures within a society. Generally slang used all of people but therefore particularly popular among underworld groups and among teenagers to used language or old words with new ways or with new meaning in conversation. And the word used as slang may be new coinages, existing words may acquire new meanings, narrow meanings of words may become generalized, word may be abbreviated. And in Ciara’s lyric the writer find some example form of slang follows:

  1. Established words used in extended or special meanings

For example in Ciara’s lyrics:

  1. Boo = darling .(goodies:2004)

  2. Goodies = breast and other sexual areas on the body, (1_2 step :2004)

  3. Shawty = attractive man (oh: 2004)

  1. Words made by abbreviation or shortening

For example in Ciara’s lyrics:

  1. Mc’s = Rapper (abbreviation of Master of Ceremonies) (1_2: step)

  2. Nikes = nikes snikers (oh: 2004)

  1. Reduplication and fanciful formation

For example in Ciara’s lyrics:

  1. Bada boom bada bam ba dam = Taken from the Italian-American expression "bada bing, bada boom!" which is used to show that something happened quickly and/or easily. ( goodies: 2004)

  1. Words based on phrases or idioms

For example in Ciara’s lyrics

  1. Damn hot = sexy, (goodies:2004)

  2. Rock it = dance, (1_2 step: 2004)

  3. The flow = dance, (oh: 2004)

  1. Loanwords from other language

For example in Ciara’s lyrics: Jell-o = Brand name of American gelatin dessert that jiggles when touched, (1_2 step, 2004).

  1. Meaning

Based on research finding the meaning is a language element in the form of understanding or concept as a speaker or writer intent of every word, lexeme, or morphemeSimak. According Chaer (2003: 288), that many experts say that we are only able to determine the meaning of a word when we've been in the context of the sentence. Furthermore, within the context of the situation. For example, the researcher find the lyric in Ciara’s song"you think you're slick" if we do not understand the context of the sentence in question is based on the dictionary has the meaning "you think you are done too smoothly and efficiently". But after seeing the context of the sentence turned out to have meaning "You think you're a very polished man with women".

  1. Message

Every essay, poem and song always have addressed message to listener or reader. According the theory the message is an idea of a speaker or writer it can be informed. So in a song message means a message or information from the author to others either directly or which can be heard in written from in lyric that exist. And to determining the message in the Ciara’s song, the writer used the data from piece of lyric in the song. So after found the message the writer mention piece of lyric of song to support the data.

  1. Theme

Based on theory Theme is main idea, moral, or message, of an essay. And in the song theme is a primary mandate to be presented to the listeners or the purpose delivered by composer in lyric of songs.

A composer in creating the songs always have a purpose and intent are conveyed through the song lyric. The underlying idea which is the goal and purpose is delivered composer it is called with the theme. Theme of each Ciara’s songs which have been analyze were:

  1. “Goodies” has the theme universal, stating, "It's about everybody. You'll have songs with different emotions, happy, sad, 'my heart is broken.

  2. “1_2 step” has the theme “happy”, this song talk about dance, show everybody to be exciting with dance together follow Ciara. So they can fell happy and enjoy to going dance

  3. “Oh” has the theme “happy”, this song talk about the singer expression about her best song was record in Atlanta make style of rap used perfect car.


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