Chapter I introduction

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In this picture, the students did the first thing in the project namely watching movie. They watched together and one of them wrote some important information and other ones watched while commenting. Mostly students talked when they were watching. It happened to the following picture.

One of the students in this group on the picture above was analyzing the movie. The one who wore a black shirt was explaining his interpretation. His friends were listening to him without looking at him. They seemed like really relax in watching the movie.

The students on this picture took different place. They chose a place where other students did not really walk around. This place was not a popular place in this part of the school. This group thought that this place helped them to concentrate on their project. It was a quiet place. Mostly, other groups did their project in the classroom but they did it out of classroom. The other activity was like other group, one of the members wrote some important thing in the movie.

Most of the students discussed their project while watching again the movie. Some of the students watched it one or two times to make sure their matter in the presentation. It can be seen on the picture above. The other picture is about when the students discussed and simulated their presentation.

This picture tells about one of the group simulated their presentation. Some students stood in front of their friends in a same group. The members who sat on the chair commented the presentation and suggested what lacked of. They did it in turn.

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