Chapter 4-The Best Time to be Alive

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Chapter 4-The Best Time to be Alive

  • Writing a five paragraph essay


  • Write for 10 minutes about the following topic:
  • If you could choose another time in history to visit, which time period would you choose? What country would you choose? What would you hope to discover?

Point-of-View Writing

  • Write a letter to a great-grandparent or another relative who lived in the past. Explain how life today is different from the way it was before.

Writing Assignment

  • Your task:
  • Choose one
  • Write a five-paragraph essay (or prepare an outline) describing the best time or the worst time (past, present, or future) to be alive and why.
  • Write a five-paragraph essay (or prepare an outline) explaining the reasons why you think we should study the past. Does the past teach us lessons for the future?

Thesis Statement: Creating Unity

  • The thesis statement of an essay creates unity
  • What is unity? An overarching idea.
  • A good thesis statement is supported by the other ideas, explanations, and examples in the introduction, body paragraph(s), and conclusion.

Topic Sentences: Connecting the Body to the Thesis

  • Topic Sentence is usually the first sentence of each body paragraph.
  • Restates one of the ideas or reasons from the thesis statement.
  • The rest of the paragraph describes the idea found in the topic sentence.
  • Topic sentences connect the ideas in the body paragraphs to the thesis statement.

Creating Coherence

  • Coherence means that the ideas within and between paragraphs are logically organized.
  • Logical Paragraph Order.

Examples of Logical Paragraph Order

  • Most important -> Least Important
  • Least important -> Most important
  • Oldest -> Newest
  • Least Personal -> Most personal

Peer Editing

  • Does the introduction begin with general ideas and end with a specific thesis statement?
  • Does your thesis statement give one central idea or opinion with reasons to support it?
  • Does each body paragraph begin with a topic sentence that relates to the thesis statement?
  • Do the body paragraphs follow in a logical order?
  • Are the explanations convincing in each body paragraph?
  • Does the conclusion summarize the main points of the essay?

Adjective Clauses

  • Adjective clauses= short sentences -> longer complex sentences
  • Immediately follows the noun it defines.
  • The Shogun was a military leader. The Shogun ruled feudal Japan.
  • The Shogun was a military leader who ruled feudal Japan (adjective clause).

Forming Adjective Clauses

  • People+ Who or that
  • Samurai Warriors were men who/that protected Japanese lords.
  • Things+ That or Which
  • They had a special code of honor that/which was made for them.
  • Places+ where, that, or which
  • Hangzhou was a resort town where/that/which people went to relax.
  • Time or period + when or in which
  • The Ming dynasty was a time when/in which people prospered.

Present Unreal Conditionals

  • Describe a situation that has never happened and can never happen.
  • If+ simple past+ conditional (would+base form)
  • If I lived in the future, I would reside on the planet Mars.
  • If I lived in the future, I would be able to see how the world resolves its problems.

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