Chapter 18: Gymnosperms

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Chapter 18: Gymnosperms

Multiple-Choice Questions
1. Evolution of the Seed; p. 430; easy; ans: a

A seed is composed of a(n) ______ and ______.

a. ovule; embryo

b. ovule; megasporangium

c. ovule; integuments

d. megasporangium; embryo

e. megasporangium; integuments
2. Evolution of the Seed; p. 430; moderate; ans: d

In seed plants, the ______ is called the nucellus.

a. young sporophyte

b. megagametophyte

c. megaspore

d. megasporangium

e. embryo
3. Evolution of the Seed; pp. 430-431; moderate; ans: b

Which of the following was NOT a step in the evolution of the ovule?

a. Retention of the megaspores in the megasporangium

b. Production of only four megaspore mother cells per megasporangium

c. Formation of a highly reduced endosporic megagametophyte

d. Production of only one functional megaspore per megasporangium

e. Development of the embryo within the megagametophyte

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