Chapter 17: Seedless Vascular Plants

Phylum Lycopodiophyta; pp. 404-405; moderate; ans: b

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Chapter 17-final
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22. Phylum Lycopodiophyta; pp. 404-405; moderate; ans: b

In the club moss life cycle:

a. the gametophytes are unisexual.

b. a gametophyte may produce a series of sporophytes.

c. water is not required for fertilization.

d. microphylls, but not strobili, are formed.

e. the sporophyte does not usually become independent of the gametophyte.
23. Phylum Lycopodiophyta; pp. 405, 408; moderate; ans: d

Lycopodium differs from Selaginella and Isoetes in that Lycopodium:
a. is differentiated into roots, stems, and leaves.

b. has sporophylls.

c. is heterosporous.

d. lacks ligules.

e. has a protostele.
24. Phylum Lycopodiophyta; p. 405; moderate; ans: b

In the Selaginella life cycle, the archegonia:

a. protrude through the megasporophyll.

b. protrude through a rupture in the megaspore wall.

c. develop on the microsporophyll.

d. develop from the suspensor.

e. cause the microsporangial wall to rupture.

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