Chapter 17: Seedless Vascular Plants

Phylum Zosterophyllophyta; p. 403; difficult; ans: e

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Chapter 17-final
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19. Phylum Zosterophyllophyta; p. 403; difficult; ans: e

The Zosterophyllophyta differ from the Rhyniophyta in that the Zosterophyllophyta:

a. were homosporous.

b. were not differentiated into roots, stems, and leaves.

c. had a protostele.

d. became extinct.

e. produced lateral sporangia.
20. Phylum Trimerophytophyta; p. 403; moderate; ans: c

Members of the phylum ______ probably evolved directly from the rhyniophytes and most likely are the ancestors of the ferns and progymnosperms.

a. Pteridophyta

b. Lycopodiophyta

c. Trimerophytophyta

d. Zosterophyllophyta

e. Sphenophyta

21. Phylum Lycopodiophyta; pp. 404, 406; difficult; ans: b

Which of the following statements about sporophylls in the club mosses is FALSE?

a. They are modified leaves.

b. They are borne on the gametophyte.

c. They bear sporangia.

d. They may be interspersed among sterile microphylls.

e. They may be grouped into strobili.

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