Chapter 17: Seedless Vascular Plants

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Chapter 17: Seedless Vascular Plants

Multiple-Choice Questions
1. Evolution of Vascular Plants; pp. 391-392; moderate; ans: d

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic shared by bryophytes and vascular plants?

a. multicellular embryos

b. a charophycean-alga-like ancestor

c. a monophyletic lineage

d. dominant gametophytes

e. an alternation of heteromorphic generations
2. Evolution of Vascular Plants; p. 392; difficult; ans: d

In the evolution of vascular plants, there is a trend toward the:

a. above-ground parts becoming structurally similar to the below-ground parts.

b. progressive reduction of the sporophyte.

c. sporophyte becoming nutritionally dependent on the gametophyte.

d. increased protection of the gametophyte by the sporophyte.

e. production of seeds in all lineages.

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