Celebrating the New Wave of Ibero American Cinema

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Gonzalo Díaz Ugarte / Chile / 108 min / 2013 / Spanish with English subtitles

A coming of age storyI Am From Chile draws from the director’s personal experiences to tell a different kind of immigration story. I Am from Chile is the story of Salvador, who moves to London from Chile to study English and travel around Europe at his parents’ expense. He stays with his aunt María (acclaimed Chilean actress Paulina García of Gloria, Illiterate), who makes a rather decent living renting the rooms of her house to other immigrants. But when a financial crisis back home leaves Salvador with no resources of his own, he has no other choice but to make ends meet with the help of María and his roommates (including a Russian drug dealer and his Japanese girlfriend), taking on a series of short-term, and at times, dangerous jobs. Difficult and challenging situations will force Salvador out of his protected bourgeois reality and into the real world.

I THOUGHT IT WAS A PARTY (Pensé que iba a haber fiesta)

Victoria Galardi / Argentina, Spain / 84 min / 2014 / Spanish with English subtitles 

Divorced and living with her teenage daughter, Lucía asks her close friend Ana to house-sit and look after her daughter while she goes away with her new partner. Ana spends her days lazing by the pool, afflicted by a deep loneliness until Ricki, Lucía’s ex-husband comes to pick up his daughter and an affair that will have profound implications on her friendship with Lucía begins. Ana and Ricki throw themselves into an intense romance that lasts until the day Lucía comes back… An honest and poignant commentary on friendship, I Thought it was a Party is also a film about the search for love, loneliness, fear, guilt, and the world of women.

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