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Student Teacher:

Grade Level:

Lesson Date:

Name of Lesson:

Content Standard (This may include GLEs, District Power Standards, and/or CMT/CAPT Strand):

Student Learning Objective(s)
What is the intended learning outcome of this lesson? Be sure it is observable and includes clear criteria.

NOTE: use Bloom’s Taxonomy to assist this work. Are there students who will require an accommodation or modification to meet this lesson’s objective?


Rationale for Objective: How does this lesson support previous and subsequent learning?


State the specific strategy (ies) and tool(s) used to collect the data for each SLO (i.e., essays, projects, quizzes, exit slip, worksheet, etc.). Are there students who will require an accommodation or modification to this lesson’s assessment?


Classroom Learning Environment Focus

(i.e., standards of behavior, routines, procedures, group work, transitions, instructional arrangement, etc.). Explain specific needs.


Instructional Model/Strategy

(i.e., concept formation, concept development, direct instruction, cooperative learning, inquiry, discussion model). Explain how you will best facilitate student learning through a specific model of instruction. Be sure to include a rationale for the chosen model(s). You may use more than one:

Materials/Resources needed for this lesson


Differentiating Instruction

How will you differentiate to meet the needs of your learners (i.e., what you teach, how you teach, or how you will assess). Explain:


Cite how you will engage learners, activate prior learning and present the lesson’s objective.

Explaining: A) What they will be doing and learning in the lesson; B) How they will demonstrate learning; C) Why it is important to their everyday lives.

Lesson Development

Cite how you will provide opportunities for the students to construct meaning. List the steps/process you will follow. Be sure to identify how you will check for understanding and collect formative data. Are there students who will require an accommodation or modification in order to be active participants in this lesson?



How will you question students in order to evaluate if the objective(s) was met? How will you help students to connect this lesson to previous and subsequent lessons as well as connect to their own lives? How will you help the students see the relevancy of the lesson by understanding the purpose/importance of the learning?

Reflection on Practice

  1. Student AchievementAnalyze each student’s learning for the student learning objective. What differences do you notice in the performance of individual students? What immediate actions will be taken as a result of this information?

  1. CCT Connection – Choose an indicator from Domains 2-6 that you would like to focus on as a result of this lesson. What specific evidence from the lesson supports the need to focus on the specific indicator?

Rev. 7/2015

Download 47.5 Kb.

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