Netherlands whereby consideration will be given to, among other things, abortion, cloning, control and scientific research. The Embryos Bill plays a large role in all of this
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Consumerism and Language AcquisitioniConsumerism and Language Acquisitioni
The conception of language it advances puts into question the usefulness as well the "coherence" of the notion of "a shared language, in terms of which each individual's understanding of his own language must be explained" [Chomsky 1980, p
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What Does Coming to Terms with the Past Mean in the ‘Berlin Republic’ in 2007?What Does Coming to Terms with the Past Mean in the ‘Berlin Republic’ in 2007?
This is the English translation of a speech delivered in German on November 16, 2007 at the Schauspiel in Frankfurt/Main Germany in the 35th Annual Römerberggespräche
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Introduction and summary Evolution of multicultural policyIntroduction and summary Evolution of multicultural policy
Australia is a culturally diverse society. Our indigenous people have always had a rich variety of cultures, languages and customs
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Which properties areWhich properties are
The problem of aesthetic relevance. (4) The distinction between free and dependent beauty. (5) The primacy of our appreciation of free beauty over our appreciation of dependent beauty. (6) Personal beauty as a species of beauty
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Equal Employment Opportunity: The Legal EnvironmentEqual Employment Opportunity: The Legal Environment
Equal employment opportunity The right of all people to work and to advance on the basis of merit, ability, and potential
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Fichte\Fichte's Philosophy of Right and Ethics
Fichte's Philosophy of Right and Ethics, forthcoming in Günter Zöller (ed). The Cambridge Companion to Fichte. New York: Cambridge University Press
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Victim-offender-mediation (in Germany) adr under the Shadow of the Criminal Law?1Victim-offender-mediation (in Germany) adr under the Shadow of the Criminal Law?1
German: “Totschlagsargument” against the implementation of mediation within the criminal justice system; however, they might be a reason to reconsider the current use and status of mediation in the criminal justice system and its further
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I: introductionI: introduction
Separability of arbitration clauses some awkward questions about the law on contracts, conflict of laws and the administration of justice
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Causation as a Secondary Quality Peter Menzies and Huw Price 1Causation as a Secondary Quality Peter Menzies and Huw Price 1
Thus the central thesis of an agency account of causation is something like this: an event a is a cause of a distinct event b just in case bringing about the occurrence of a would be an effective means by which a free agent could bring about the occurrence
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Some aspects of honesty in periods of political transition julius MoravcsikSome aspects of honesty in periods of political transition julius Moravcsik
Thus it resembles other fundamental values like health or wisdom. Honesty is a character constituent, but we often ask also what its value is, forgetting that this question can be asked only once we fixed what items we regard as useful
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X unemployment and InflationX unemployment and Inflation
We will differentiate between inflationary pressures that arise from nominal demand (spending) growth outstripping the real capacity of the economy to react to it with output responses and
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Syllable IntegritySyllable Integrity
Available data on the prosodic systems of the world’s nearly 7000 languages lags so far behind the data available on other aspects of grammar that it seems premature to base predictions concerning prosodies on poorly informed notions of rarity or markedness in
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Bangladesh dr. Mohiuddin Farooque V. BangladeshBangladesh dr. Mohiuddin Farooque V. Bangladesh
Respondents do not challenge such claim of the petitioner. It needs then no consideration whether petitioner is entitled to the enforcement of such fundamental right in his own behalf or in public interest by marketing of such foods (7)
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You are now around one third of the way through the course, and have completed a range of essays in the three sections
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