Curriculum vitae (revised Nov. 2012)Curriculum vitae (revised Nov. 2012)
The Norman W, Cox Award for the best article published by the Baptist History and Heritage Society in 2009
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A history of the moravian churchA history of the moravian church
Chapter I. The Church and Her Mission; or The Three Constitutional Synods. 1760-1775
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Jerusalem: a very significant flash pointJerusalem: a very significant flash point
I am going to make Jerusalem a cup of reeling to all the peoples around That may specifically refer to the phase of the Armageddon Campaign where Jerusalem is surrounded or besieged
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Individual stories and testimoniesIndividual stories and testimonies
Second, we add our own stamp and bequeath a legacy to those who follow us, either as descendants or as converts into the Church family. Church News, Jan. 4, 1997
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Baptism and the Great CommissionBaptism and the Great Commission
The preacher’s 4-year-old daughter, Susan, was conducting the baptismal service. She held a cat over a barrel of water. Trying to be as solemn as her father, she repeated the phrase she had heard many times: I baptize you in the name of the
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The Church: Invisible and Visible?The Church: Invisible and Visible?
Would a re-study of these terms, contrasts, and analogies possibly reveal that they are more Roman and more Calvinistic than they are Lutheran?
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Update for dtd 98; delete some unneeded head elements; italicize Citation style
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The acts of the apostles by john calvin edited from the original english translation ofThe acts of the apostles by john calvin edited from the original english translation of
Commentary may fall, if he feels aright, he will not think that his study of the controversy is complete until he has made himself acquainted with what has been said upon it by such a man as Calvin
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