Ling 21: language & the brainLing 21: language & the brain
Neurolinguistics: The study of how language is represented and processed in the brain
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Living with two languages and two culturesLiving with two languages and two cultures
Chapter in Parasnis, I. (Ed.). Cultural and Language Diversity and the Deaf Experience. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996
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B speaking: Conversing at the super-market (buying things, asking the price, etc.) Conversing over the telephone
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Cheryl Zoll, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCheryl Zoll, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The term conflicting directionality describes this elsewhere relationship between the right and left edges of a word. No theory of stress is complete if it cannot account for this patter
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Structure drills 1 Auxiliary verbs: short answers (01)Structure drills 1 Auxiliary verbs: short answers (01)
Answer the following questions addressed to you and your friend in a written form
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