Perspective paper on tribals introductionPerspective paper on tribals introduction
Tribals account for only 2%(84. 3 million) of the total population, they make India the second largest concentration of tribal communities in the world (Census 2001)
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Indo China War of 1962Indo China War of 1962
For most of us born in the fifties and thereafter, the Indo China war of 1962 is a mystery. What was the nature of relations in the fifties was India the aggressor, what were the reasons for the humiliation
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Jan theron 1 introductionJan theron 1 introduction
The only obvious things they have in common is that they are so-called Coloureds in a factory where the majority of workers are African, Also they are all known members of a trade union, the Food and Canning Workers Union (fcwu)
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Einstein\Einstein's Monsters Martin Amis
And throughout I am grateful to Jonathan Schell, for ideas and for imagery. I don't know why he is our best writer on this subject. He is not the most stylish, perhaps, nor the most knowledgeable. But he is the most decorous and, I think
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Mahealani Kamauu Pono • RighteousnessMahealani Kamauu Pono • Righteousness
This was not a beautiful place of lo‘i kalo shrouded by mists and rainbows of the Ko‘olaus, or any place like it
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We will consider to what degree the author’s work might itself be regarded as a genre in its own right. After the huge success of Trainspotting is Welsh merely writing to order, reproducing his own highly stylised form of pulp fiction?
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