Manual for Self-studyManual for Self-study
Ref: Your letter no naac/E & ner / jp/ orcogn22446/1st Cycle /2014 dated 20. 11. 2014 vide your Track id no.: orcogn22446
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From the Principal’s DeskFrom the Principal’s Desk
It provides an ideal environment for every student to “Know, Explore and Grow” which is our college motto. The college endeavours to inspire, to know, then to explore and with that knowledge and exposition to grow both in academics
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Self Study Report, A. S. College, DeogharSelf Study Report, A. S. College, Deoghar
Naac for Quality and Excellence in Higher Education Self Study Report, A. S. College, Deoghar
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Mary baker gloverMary baker glover
The wakeful shepherd beholds 3 the first faint morning beams, ere cometh the full radiance
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College admissions & scholarship bookCollege admissions & scholarship book
Students and Parents: Please use the ames counseling website version of the Scholarship Book in order to access the links contained in this document
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