History Alive! The United States Through IndustrialismHistory Alive! The United States Through Industrialism
Tci. Our goal is to help students like you succeed in learning about history in a way that is fun and exciting. With the help of teachers from around the nation, we’ve created the tci approach to learning
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Expository Essay The Outsiders choose a big ideaExpository Essay The Outsiders choose a big idea
Human life was worth fighting for Johnny. He saw Ponyboy being drowned, and he killed Bob to save his friend’s life. He also fought to save the lives of the boys in the fire
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P—Pull apart the prompt. O—P—Pull apart the prompt. O—
Pow-tide is an acronym that can help you when you are writing a formal essay for class or for the writing assessment. If you use pow-tide
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And the 6 Modes of CommunicationAnd the 6 Modes of Communication
Songs about lost love and songs advocating for social change captured my lovelorn, idealistic inclinations. The lyrics along with his harmonica and acoustic guitar opened the door to a lifelong appreciation of a great American artist
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Guidelines for Making Reading-Writing ConectionsGuidelines for Making Reading-Writing Conections
Notion has been that reading is a widely needed skill, but that writing is an elite skill
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What is di? Assessment Triangle Skills Knowledge Growth What is Differentiated Instruction?What is di? Assessment Triangle Skills Knowledge Growth What is Differentiated Instruction?
The teacher manipulates the individual goals into the classroom content and instructional strategies
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Descriptive Essay Hershey Kiss Language ArtsDescriptive Essay Hershey Kiss Language Arts
Guilford, Nikki. “Hershey Kiss Descriptive Essay”. Alex: Alabama Learning Exchange. Alabama Department of Education. Web. Aug. 2, 2011
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Lesson 02 Objectives (Learning Goals)Lesson 02 Objectives (Learning Goals)
Grounded.” We will also have to plan for the setting (time and place) of our story. This is where we can really get creative! Kate and Mr. Jacks make it out of the force field
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Persuasive Writing!Persuasive Writing!
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Period: Unit 5-Progressive EraPeriod: Unit 5-Progressive Era
This essay will be slightly different than past essays because you will not be writing a melcon paragraph or writing an introduction and conclusion. But you do need to make sure you address all parts of the prompt
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Review for the Term 2 history examReview for the Term 2 history exam
Included in the exam is a graphic organizer that requires you fill in boxes to plan out your essay question. Use the document booklet to find answers. You must fill out the graphic organizer. There are marks associated with doing so
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Title: Flowers for AlgernonTitle: Flowers for Algernon
Common Core ela standards: rl 1, rl 2, rl 3; 1, 4, 9; s 1; L 1, L 2
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Step 1: Read the prompt carefully before you beginStep 1: Read the prompt carefully before you begin
Unfold the paper and draw a box in the center. In the center box write a sentence to express your feelings
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The Art of Argument Mrs. Terry Language Arts Opening Activity, Fall 2014The Art of Argument Mrs. Terry Language Arts Opening Activity, Fall 2014
Isis, to send additional service men and women to the region to assist in training the Iraqi and Syrian armies to defend their people against isis attacks
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Ldc module Template Energy SourcesLdc module Template Energy Sources
This module is part of a unit in which students study energy production using fossil fuels and alternative sources. Students will read informative text and write an argumentative essay on their preferred source of energy
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