Existential Leadership: ‘Good Faith’ in Contemporary CapitalismExistential Leadership: ‘Good Faith’ in Contemporary Capitalism
Because we exist in a world of many and not one, natality, the insertion or birth of a new person or idea, provides an opportunity for freedom enacted through praxis to respond to the ongoing changes in the organizational landscape of the
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Reflections on budoReflections on budo
Chiba Sensei and takes the form of an exchange between Chiba Sensei and the editor of the Aikido Journal, Stanley Pranin. I have read the views expressed in this dialog in other essays written by Chiba Sensei and consider these insights
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Poetry for StudentsPoetry for Students
University of Virginia and at Virginia Commonwealth University. In the following essay, Furr points out the complexity of Blake's work that leaves questions concerning both the poem's meaning and the identity of the Tyger's creator
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Children\Children's Literature Review
Essay date 1982 In the following essay, Egan provides a psychoanalytical interpretation of Barrie's Peter Pan, utilizing Sigmund Freud's theories of id, ego, and superego.]
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Department of Languages and Culture January 2008 Guidelines for Writing Essays in English Table of ContentsDepartment of Languages and Culture January 2008 Guidelines for Writing Essays in English Table of Contents
The essay presents an argument (thesis), develops the argument, and supports the argument. An academic essay is not a crime novel where the reader is surprised by the ending
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A defence of PoetryA defence of Poetry
Shelley refers to in his argumentation. The final section deals with the immediate biographical context of the composition of the “Defence,” where its relation to Peacock’s “Four Ages of Poetry” is also investigated
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