Welcome to National History Day!Welcome to National History Day!
It forces them to research and show clear analysis as well as draw a conclusion about the topic’s significance in history. The annual theme gives the students the frame work to begin their research and analysis of a historical topic
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Agenda Part 4Agenda Part 4
The Us military must overcome the way it has trained and educated leaders. Defense officials are moving ahead to overcome Cold-War era training to create a new generation of leaders who aren't constrained by what the doctrine says
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African and african american studiesAfrican and african american studies
The continuing expansion of liberalizing agents such as education, urbanization, and cohort replacement, and realignment of Africans away from communitarianism and traditionalism toward modernism emphasizing individualism
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Summary of introduction to mass communication by stanley baranSummary of introduction to mass communication by stanley baran
Osgood and Shramm which states that there are no permanent receiver or sender, rather an interchanging of roles exits
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Psyb4 Past Paper QuestionsPsyb4 Past Paper Questions
Older papers (June 2006-June 2009) used to have Psychology and Science as a separate section so there are a lot of past paper questions on this particular debate. Now they are combined and you would be asked a mixture of questions from across
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Standard of competencyStandard of competency
To understand the meaning of formal transactional and interpersonal conversation text sustained in daily life context
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Q. 1 (a) How can quality be quantified? (5x5) (b) What are the benefits of tqm?Q. 1 (a) How can quality be quantified? (5x5) (b) What are the benefits of tqm?
Tqm addresses key problem areas such as mistakes in work processes, redundant processes, unnecessary tasks, and duplicate efforts. Tqm interventions also help with predicting and pre-empting such mistakes and unproductive activities
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