Weeks, Lucas Page December 12, 2005Weeks, Lucas Page December 12, 2005
Center for hiv/aids networking at the University of Natal, South Africa. She has written widely on the topic of hiv/aids prevention and care and is widely respected in her field
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H. Ali Mohammed id ud7747bir14310H. Ali Mohammed id ud7747bir14310
This book is dedicated to my parents and grandparents, Sonny Ramjohn and Saffeeran Asgar Ali Mohammed, Rasulan Asgar Ali, and Irving Cox, whose marriage, love, patience, support and guidance made this day possible
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National Security and the War on Terror: a new StrategyNational Security and the War on Terror: a new Strategy
United States Government. In order to successfully protect America from terrorist attacks, and successfully conduct the war on Terror, the new Administration must eliminate America's dependency on Middle Eastern oil
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Glossary of AbbreviationsGlossary of Abbreviations
Divided They Stand: Analyzing the Effects of Recent Ethnic Politics on Chinese Minorities in Malaysia
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4 Folk and Popular Culture Learning Outcomes4 Folk and Popular Culture Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcome 2: Compare processes of origin, diffusion, and distribution of folk and popular culture
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Nigeria’s national image and her foreign policy: an exploratory approachNigeria’s national image and her foreign policy: an exploratory approach
School of Human Resource Development, College of Leadership Development Studies, Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria
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The importance of being transparentThe importance of being transparent
Such tactics are among the expressed strategies and standing policies espoused by our government in its "new kind of war"--the war on terrorism
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Examining Bias and Distortion in Mass Media in AmericaExamining Bias and Distortion in Mass Media in America
Such distortions have displaced objective media coverage to the academic sphere and have inhibited the democratic process in many Western nations
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Federalism Disadvantage Table of Contents ContentsFederalism Disadvantage Table of Contents Contents
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