Contents reading Lists and Lecture ProgrammesContents reading Lists and Lecture Programmes
This introductory list covers texts you should consider looking at over the long vacation
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M. A. Political science programmeM. A. Political science programme
A candidate should have a B. A degree in Political Science/International Studies/International Relations with a consistently good academic record and a Bachelor’s degree with 55% marks from a recognized Indian or foreign university
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Naujos knygos bibliotekoje 2008 Gruodžio mėn. Lietuvių kalbaNaujos knygos bibliotekoje 2008 Gruodžio mėn. Lietuvių kalba
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V7064 society state and humanityV7064 society state and humanity
Its aim is to give you a basic understanding of the range of ways in which the ideas of humanity, society and state have been conceptualised in Western thought
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Nicola lacey curriculum vitaeNicola lacey curriculum vitae
Hans Sigrist Prize, the University of Bern, for scholarship on the rule of law in modern societies, 2011
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Select Bibliography: Anglo-Saxon StudiesSelect Bibliography: Anglo-Saxon Studies
No attempt is made to offer comprehensive coverage. Older publications as well as specialized titles are left unlisted here, for the most past
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Iain mclean: curriculum vitaeIain mclean: curriculum vitae
Present positions Senior Research Fellow in Politics, Nuffield College, Oxford, and Professor of Politics, University of Oxford, 1993. Fellow of the British Academy 2008
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