Caste System Discussion Questions Directions

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Caste System Discussion Questions
Directions: Read and discuss the questions below in your group based on your notes and the group task you completed. Record what your group discussed in the spaces below the questions.

  1. How do you feel about the caste you were assigned?

  1. Do you feel you were able to fully contribute to the group drawing? Why or why not?

  1. Why do you think the caste system in India was created in the first place?

  1. If you lived in Ancient India, how difficult do you think it would have been to follow the strict rules of the caste system?

  1. Do you think people ever questioned or rebelled against the caste system? Why or why not?

  1. Why do you suppose the class differences between the castes were so harsh?

  1. How is the caste system of Ancient India similar to the class system of the United States today? How is it different?

  1. In our society do we treat people differently who are born into different economic situations (ex. people who are born in a poor neighborhood)? Defend your answer.

  1. In American society do we have different standards/expectations for members of different groups? Do we apply laws the same to people in different classes (ex. does a celebrity get treated the same as a normal person if they break the law)? Give examples to defend your answer.

  1. Is there anything similar to the caste system or castes at our school? Are there groups of people sometimes view as “untouchables?” Explain.

  1. Hindus of Ancient India believed in reincarnation. How do you think the idea of “reincarnation” connected to the idea of the caste system?

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