Case Study Essex County Council

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Case Study - Essex County Council


Company Name:

Essex County Council

Business Sector:

Local Government

Postal Address:

County Hall, Chelmsford, Essex



Fleet Size Overall:


Private vehicles used for business purposes:

Approximately 7,000 grey fleet vehicles

Company Overview

Essex Council Council’s Corporate Leadership Team is made up of the following directorates;

  • Chief Executive’s Office

  • Adult Social Services

  • Adults, Health & Community Wellbeing

  • Environment, Sustainability & Highways

  • Finance

  • Policy, Community Planning & Regeneration

  • Schools, Children & Families

  • Information Services & Programmes

  • People & Transformation

  • Customer Services

  • Public Health

Essex has 75 Elected Councillors representing, and responsible to, all of the people who live in their division. The County Council’s elected members carry out a number of different roles. 

Essex County Council aims to deliver their priorities through three EssexWorks delivery programmes;

Every year, as part of the EssexWorks programme, nine pledges are made to the Essex public, one against each priority in each delivery programme.

Organisational Structure

Environment, Sustainability and Highways

Environment, Sustainability and Highways (ESH) is unique in that the services it delivers improve the quality of life of everyone in Essex, everyday. Protecting, managing and shaping the County’s past, present and future, ESH is responsible for delivery of the following EssexWorks and Local Area Agreement outcomes:

  • Protecting Essex’s environment

  • Reducing and recycling waste

  • Improving transport

  • Promoting sustainable economic growth

  • Providing an emergency planning & business continuity service

The directorate exercises Essex County Council’s statutory responsibilities as waste disposal and highways authorities and delivers statutory functions for traffic management, development control, consumer protection and trading standards. The directorate also provides an emergency planning & business continuity service.

The Executive Director, Robert Overall is responsible for six key services within ESH,

  • Environmental Operations

  • Finance

  • Sustainable Planning and Development

  • Highways & Transportation

  • Change, Performance Management & Business Services

  • Major Programmes & Infrastructure

Cabinet Members for this Directorate

County Councillor Tracey Chapman

Chief Whip and Cabinet Member for Environment and Waste

County Councillor Norman Hume

Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation

County Councillor John Jowers

Cabinet Member for Planning and Communities

County Councillor Jeremy Lucas

Cabinet Member for Heritage, Culture and the Arts

County Councillor Peter Martin

Leader of the Council

Environment Sustainability & Highways Organisation Structure

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