Career and College Research Portfolio

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Career and College Research Portfolio

Freshman Communications and English

Mrs. Metcalf & Mr. Artley

Student Name: _____________________

Assign Date:______________

Due Date: ________________

Portfolio Overview

Objective: To create a portfolio and informative speech about your career plan and possible college degree programs.

**Portfolio: A collection of documents, photographs, digital media, or artwork that showcase a student’s work.**

**Informative: Presents information about a topic. Informs the audience.**

Materials Required:

  • A 3-Ring Binder or plastic cover to store and organize your portfolio documents

  • A pen/pencil every day to complete each section

  • Notecards to help keep track of all information being gathered – Separate notecards for the speech

  • Optional – Tab Dividers to keep each section separate and polished looking

Project Requirements:

  • A Cover Page

  • A Portfolio Overview – Table of Contents

  • A Cover Letter

  • A Resume

  • Complete each section of the Portfolio outlined below

  • A reflection paper – 5 paragraphs.

  • A Typed and Revised copy of your in class speech

  • Cite all sources appropriately using to avoid plagiarism and a result of a zero “0” for the project IN BOTH CLASSES.

    • An online journal about your specific career field

  • Turn in your completed portfolio on time, so that you will be ready for the next part of your college and career project, and make sure it has a professional finish.

Each section of the portfolio is outlined in this packet. You MUST complete every entry. You can get the digital handout and type the information, but your final portfolio should be original. This means it should not look like this packet was just filled out. If you choose to type the information you will only be allowed to print your portfolio one (1) time at school. This means you need to make sure it perfect before you print it. Once you have printed it once at school, you will not be allowed to print again. Keep this in mind as you get your final portfolio ready for turn in.

Cover Page (Page 1):

A cover page is the front page of any portfolio. It is very simple and only contains global information. Global information would include:

For your cover page for this portfolio make sure you include:

  • A Portfolio Title – something do with Career and College Research

  • Your Name

  • Teachers’ Names

  • The Project Due Date

  • Class Titles

Below are some examples of Cover Pages. You may choose to model yours after one of these, or create one of your own, if you are feeling creative.

Tip: Keep your cover letter professional and polished. Too much clutter can distract from what you are trying to communicate. Remember to KISS it (Keep It Simple Silly).

Research Vocabulary

Before you begin your research, take some time to look up the definitions of the words below. This will help you to understand more of what you are reading throughout the project. The bottom three are blank, this is for you to find three words related to your research topic during your research you do not know and define them.

Word: Career

Part of Speech:


Download 149.22 Kb.

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