Canteen is a place where you can eat and energized yourself. Every school has a canteen and it makes it easy for students to get food from these canteens

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Canteen is a place where you can eat and energized yourself. Every school has a canteen and it makes it easy for students to get food from these canteens.On a busy day when mothers don't get time to pack lunch boxes or snack boxes,these canteens are really handy and a life saver. Canteen gives a service that worth for what students paid.A canteen must have complete facilities and good personalities of the staff.All canteens have the responsibility to its costumer safe good. Safe food means that is prepared,cooked,transported and served in such a way to retain the nutrients and to bacterial contamination and growth.Handling food poorly can cause food poisoning and also reduce the quality of the food.

But,a few of school now are still give a poor service and condition to all the students.Because of that, I as one of the school members want to give a few of suggestions to upgrade the canteen in my beloved school. I want to make sure that all of students in my school get a nutritious meal and they are in a comfortable setting when dining.This coincides with the ultimate goal of the canteens that is to improve the school meals so that they are fresher,flavorsome and balanced,promote healthy food to the students and give their satisfaction.

The first suggestions is change a few of the canteen menu to a nutritious food. The school canteen menu is very important when it comes to providing healthy foods and maximising children's learning ability. After all, consuming healthy food and drinks not only improves students overall health but can also improve learning behaviour, too.School authorities should play an important role in ensuring that students get nutritious food.Fast food needs to be reduced because fast food is a major cause of illness if taken in excess quantities and it also causes food poisoning.Among the foods that should be in the school canteens are like sandwiches,fried foods such as hotdog, nuggets and others, burger and rice which is the basic food for all Malaysian people. This is also to ensure that students are not exposed to food poisoning and can concentrate fully on learning in the classroom.

Next,the canteen environment should also be given attention by the school to ensure that student are always in a good conditions.This is because, there are insufficient tables and benches. Our school has a student population of over 1000.There is only one period of recess time for all forms. More than 80 per cent of the students go to the canteen during recess to buy food and drinks.Unfortunately,there are only about twenty-five tables and fifty benches which can accommodate less than half the number of students.As a result, many students have to stand while eating.This will cause the food consumed not digested well and this is a thing that is prohibited by religion.It will also cause the name of our school to be contaminated because it is unable to provide the necessary facilities in a canteen at school.

In addition,the other things that I would like to change in my school is canteen parties have to set prices for each food that they sell. The price must be affordable and not burdensome.The food sold at the canteen not only expensive but lacks of variety.The menu is the same every day. For the past five years,ever since the present canteen management took over, students go back to the same food.

The food and drinks at the canteen are not covered.They way canteen attendants dress speak volume about hygiene. With their lackadaisical attitude,the food they sell would one way or the other become contaminated.My last complaint about the canteen pertains to the etiquette of the canteen workers.They are rude and arrogant at the moment.They often shout at students because the students are rude with them. The students are always on the receiving end of their bad moods.

In conclusion,I hope that conditions at the canteen will improve.The canteen should provide better amenities.There should also be a different menu everyday so that students will not have to taste the same food day in and day out. Cleanliness should be given top priority.I hope that the poor conditions at our school canteen can be change.

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