Can children survive without adults by their side?

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Can children survive without adults by their side?
I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection. -Sigmund Freud.

In the novel Lord of the flies written by William Golding, children are alone in an abandoned island and need to find a way to survive a question is brought up, can children survive in the island without adults, here are two reasons why they can survive without adults but they won’t necessarily be sane. Children can physically survive without adults in an island by being smart and living in an organized and helpful way but they will not be educated in any way, they will lose their morality and end up being savages.
At the start of the novel the stranded boys on the island have a good start by choosing their leader and choosing who will go hunting and who is in charge of the fire, they seem to be organized and they seem to have no trouble living only children without adults. “Let’s have a vote” (23) “Vote for chief” (23) “Jack’s in charge of the choir. They can be – what do you want them to be?” (23). Without adults they go ahead and organize everything by themselves thinking it was going to work and thinking they would find a way out of the island. The children progress really fast and they already have a huge fire made so that a boat or a plane that passes by them will see them and stop to save them. The boys have already created a group called the “Hunters” who are in charge of killing wild pigs and eating them to survive. At this point I was thinking that they were really organized and well-educated boys and that they were going to find a way a creative way off the island quicker than I thought.
As they continue to progress, one night a dead man lands on the island and his parachute is stuck in the top of a cliff so the shadow looks like a monster. The little guys in the island are afraid and they all are in panic, Jack is the type of leader that wants to kill the monster and Ralph is a more peaceful leader so people decide to go with Jack instead of Ralph. Also the fact of being stranded in an island with poor hopes of ever seeing the real world, your family and your friends again naturally makes some people act savage and lose their mind. Jack, the leader of the “Hunters” gets into an argument with Ralph, the chief and there is when things start to fall apart. “I’m not going to play any longer. Not with you.” (127). When Jack said that it meant that he wasn’t going to be part of Ralph’s leadership and he was going to become independent. Everyone left behind Ralph, Piggy and Simon because Jack was the cruelest and everyone was afraid of him, he had a different point of view. Jack had a savage point of view; a point of view of killing anyone who tried to prevent or stop him and that was what he ends up doing. As soon as they separated, Ralph, Piggy and Simon where alone and hopeless, they had no hunters and they were only 3. If everyone else was going to follow Jack, they would all be raised savage because instead of being raised well educated by adults, they were being ruled by a 15-year old savage person. They were all going to lose their morality and become someone else, become something else, they will learn to live their life in a savage and in a none-educated way, which no one would like.
There are a lot of people that have a different perspective to this question than I, they can argue that children are independent and that they can grow up perfectly well without adults but I know that if you are left stranded on an island and you are alone without adult supervision, you will need to adapt to survive and to become a savage person. But to defend my argument that children can survive without adults but they will lose all morality and they won’t be educated I’d like to state the fact that a 15 year old made his followers stab someone to death (Simon) and also kill Piggy by throwing rocks at him, so that is what I mean, they did survive but they ended up being all savages and no morality.
In my point of view, children should not be left without adult supervision because even though the kids will survive on their own, they will find a way to survive and live their life, they will lose all morality and education while growing up. They will be mean and savage adults if they do make it to adulthood and the will know nothing that you are supposed to learn to learn in school and they won’t know what’s going on with the world. They will still be lost, they will be trapped like if they were still in the island, being savage guys and not caring for anything. If a minimum of one adult would have had been with all those lost boys in the island with them, would everyone act savage and kill people or would they have gotten out of the island just like they arrived?

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