Camp Venture 2016 Application

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Camp Venture 2016 Application

To: Camp Venture Applicant

From: Rotary Clubs of Woodland

Thank you for showing an interest in attending Camp Venture 2016. The selection process for this year's participants will be very difficult due to the overall high quality of the applicants. We invite you to complete this form and include the required essay to help our committee select this year's campers.
Camp Venture 2016 Dates: Wed., June 22 through Sunday, June 26, 2016

Location: California Maritime Academy, Vallejo, CA

Transportation: Available (students not allowed to take their own cars)

Attendees: 40 young leaders drawing from over 60 high schools in Northern California

Selection process: Participant must be currently in the 11th grade.

Final selection will be made by each Rotary Club.

Instructions to applicant: Please complete the following information and attach an original essay (Minimum of 100 words), entitled “Why I Would Like To Attend Camp Venture."
******************* Application deadline is March 1, 2016__ ***********************




Home Address:

Home Phone:

Your e-mail and cell phone number:
Parent name and work Phone:

High School:

List Current Activities at school (Sports, Clubs, Projects)

List Current Activities off campus (employment, clubs, volunteer work)

Have you selected a career goal? Explain...

If there any reason that you cannot attend Camp Royal for the entire time of the camp (due to work, school, sports), please do not apply. You cannot leave early and must take the Rotary transportation to and from camp. Please initial you have read this. _____

Return the completed form and essay to your school site coordinator _____________________

or email to Raylene Ewing at
Camp Venture

Woodland Youth Enjoy Entrepreneurial Experience at Camp Venture

Camp Venture Camp Venture is a five day training and motivational camp for students who have finished their junior year and are interested in pursuing a career in business, particularly as entrepreneurs. It is held at the Maritime Academy, the California State University in Vallejo. Students, sponsored by their local Rotary Clubs, have the opportunity to interact with experienced business people and meet with other students in Northern California who have similar interests.

Camp Venture has provided an incredible business experience to outstanding high school students from throughout Rotary District 5160. Last year 40 students experienced Camp Venture. Interested? Check it out.

Camp Venture is set on the campus of the California Maritime Academy, Vallejo, Ca. This academy is part of the California State University System, It is on San Pablo Bay near the Carquinez Strait. “ If you are interested in starting your own business one day, it teaches step by step, how to do so” (Melissa N.). “Speakers from successful start ups are the best part of the experience, giving real life knowledge of what it takes” (Trevor H.) “I learned the essence of a business plan, how to narrow the focus and set goals, amazing” (Jace P).

The three Rotary Clubs of Woodland; Woodland Noon, Sunrise and Luna Vista, are proud to sponsor students from their community. Selections are based on the application, involvement in school and community, and personal statements. Woodland Rotary clubs are committed to sending students to this Camp.

Students will form teams and develop a product from start to finish. The important outcome of this experience for the students is NOT the success or failure of any particular task or project, but rather the realization of how much more they accomplish in groups working together toward common goals -  how to lead, how to follow, and how to be part of something larger than themselves. This is a remarkable outcome considering that most of these kids are leaders to start with, and are used to success and being in charge. 

Last year’s participants all said that it exceeded their expectations, with activities that increase their knowledge of what it takes to start a successful business, empowering one to move toward such a goal.

Consider applying and experience something amazing!

For more information, contact Raylene Ewing, coordinator for the Rotary Clubs of Woodland

at (530) 219-0287, or




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