Camilla Mancia, Block a compare and Contrast Essay

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Camilla Mancia, Block A

Compare and Contrast Essay

Isolation is not the key

People isolate other people because they are afraid of what is beyond. Why do people discriminate? The Book, The Chrysalids written by John Wyndham, is a story set in Labrador in a place called Waknuk and, in that town they only allowed people who are normal or “perfect” per se. If one is not in the lines of their standards, then one would get executed or sent to the fringes. The inspector is the one who decides if a baby is allowed to live and certified to live or to be sent away, but the inspector only looks at the physical parts of the human body but he can not look what is happening inside the bodies. For David, he was certified but nobody that does not have telepathy know; a few people from waknuk has telepathy, not until Uncle Axel finds out. The short story, “The Doll’s House” written by Kathrine Mansfield, is set in a society where all the people there only care about there own reputation. There are higher class people and lower class people; if you were in a higher class department you were not supposed to talk or interact with people from the lower class. The Burnells are the higher class and they were taught not to interact with the lower class. And the Kelveys are in the lower class but Kezia is still to innocent and learning not to interact with the lower class society.

The Chrysalids and “The Doll’s House” tell a story about how the characters are being discriminated by the society who fears them and then isolates the people who are different.

Where they differ is in The Chrysalids they have been taken away to the fringes and being isolated by the society who took them there; the “ordinary” people sends them to the fringes because they are afraid that god will punish the ones who are not the same.

In “The Doll’s House” they are being isolated from the higher class not wanting anything to do with the lower class because the community fear if they are around the lower class the higher class will lose their reputation and respect. Regardless how they are both different the central consequence is being isolated by others.

In The Chrysalids, the society that they live in thinks that god only wants “perfect” humans to live around them and nothing more. They follow a script that says, “And God created man in his own image and God decreed that man should have one body, one hand, two arms and two legs; that each arm should be joined in two places and end it one hand,” (Wyndham, 10). This script was their guidelines to life. Sometimes families have a child and they find that when the child was born that something looks odd, they don’t call the inspector to certify the baby. David had something very special: he had telepathy and the inspector certified him because he looked normal on the outside. David and a few others in waknuk had this special power and they kept it a secret from around them because if someone were to find out they would get in very big trouble or worse sent away. David and Sophie became friends by then David already knew about Sophie’s extra toe, then one day Sophie and her family were taken away to the finges because they had found out about Sophie. David was outside when he was using telepathy to talk to Rosalind when all of a sudden Uncle Axel was hearing David talk to him self Uncle Axel came up to David and said to talk to real people but David told Uncle Axel that he was talking to a real person he was talking to Rosalind; uncle axel told David, “I want you to keep it secret I want you to promise that you will never, never tell anyone else what you have just told me – never,” ( Wyndham,pg.30) he told David this because he knew if anyone were to find out he would be sent away.

Furthermore, in “The Doll’s House”, the society that they live in stay by social class the higher class stay with the higher class and the lower class stay with the lower class. They are isolating each other from one another by being in groups and not interacting with one another. The Burnells are in the high class society and the Kelveys were in the lower class society; the Burnells were taught to stay within their circle and never talk to the lower class as many of the higher class children were also taught the same: “Many of the children, including the Burnells, were not allowed even to speak to them. They walked past the Kelveys with their heads in the air, and as they set the fashion in all matters of behavior, the Kelveys were shunned by everybody,” (Mansfield,165) even the Kelveys knew they were not allowed to interact with the Burnells. Kezia the youngest of the Burnells was still learning of her social status and reputation, but she is still naïve and learning that only she has very little hope of trying to interact with the Kelveys. Nobody else from the Burnells paid attention to the lamp more than Kezia did: “But what Kezia liked more than anything, what she liked frightfully, was the lamp.” (Mansfield, 164) Kezia still had faith about this society she does not want to isolate people who are the same as her in a way.

Therefore, both of the short stories are different in their own way but are similar in another for both the chrysalids and “The Dolls House” they talk about being isolated; “The Dolls House” are being isolated from society with reputation and The Chrysalids are being isolated by being sent to the fringes. Why is it so hard for people to appreciate and respect each other…?

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