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Macmillan BEC Vantage Testbuilder Listening Tasks
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PART THREE Questions 23—30
You will hear a radio interview about how a website can help promote a business.
For each question 23—30, mark one letter (A, B or C) for the correct answer.
23 Christine thinks the main advantage of a website for her business has been
A building a closer relationship with her customers.
B marketing to new customers around the world.
C saving on postage and printing of brochures.
24 What does she think is important to ask yourself before you decide to have a website?
A Do you want to give more information about your products?
B Do you want to sell your products or services online?
C Do you want to allow your customers to be able to check on their orders?
25 Once you have decided to have a website you should
A devote enough time to the project.
B bring in an external website designer.
C find out how to add new information to it.
26 What’s the best way to ensure that people visit your site?
A Get advice from a specialist.
B Publish your website address on letterheads.
C Link your website to other websites.
27 How has the website changed Christine’s approach to business?
A She feels comfortable with using new technology.
B She is able to add new products more rapidly.
C She runs her business entirely from her home.
28 What is her advice on managing a website?
A Don’t do it unless you have good IT skills.
B Consider paying someone to update the pages.
C Make sure you respond to emails promptly.
29 How much has her business increased since the website went live?
A 10%
B 13%
C 30%
30 What does she plan to do next?
A Start up a new business as soon as possible.
B Investigate the possibility of installing broadband.
C Take some time to think about the future.

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