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Macmillan BEC Vantage Testbuilder Listening Tasks
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A writing letters
B making telephone calls
C writing a report
D making notes
E giving a presentation
F entertaining visitors
G arranging a conference
H going for an interview

Section Two
(Questions 18—22)
You will hear another five recordings. Five people are talking about a problem in a company.
For each recording, decide what each speaker is talking about.
Write one letter (A—H) next to the number of the recording.
• Do not use any letter more than once.

18 _______________________
19 _______________________
20 _______________________
21 _______________________
22 _______________________

A poor sales figures
B inexperienced staff
C poor management
D staff time-keeping
E falling share prices
F retirement of Chief Executive
G unsatisfactory suppliers
H salary increases

The following exercises are best attempted when you have completed the test and checked your answers.
3. Listen to the recording for Question 13 as often as necessary to complete the gaps.
It’s a good idea if you can find out in advance what their (1) ______________ are. You might think an expensive (2)_______________ out sounds (3)_______________, but perhaps he or she may be (4)_________________ and not feel like getting dressed up and (5)________________ somewhere posh! They might just (6)_________________ a meal in a quiet restaurant followed by an (7)__________________ night. After all they could have been (8)__________________ for hours!
4. Read through the completed text and underline the words and phrases which give you an indication that this text is option F (entertaining visitors).
5. Sometimes false clues in the text may lead you to choose the wrong option. Read the typescript for Questions 16 and 17. Why might you confuse ‘writing a report’ with ‘making notes’?
6. Without looking at the tapescript, put the following phrases under the correct headings.

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