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Macmillan BEC Vantage Testbuilder Listening Tasks
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PART TWO Questions 13—22
This part of the listening test is divided into two sections. In each section you will hear five short monologues which you have to match to a set of eight items (A—H). The set of items is linked by an overall topic or theme. The two sections each focus on different areas within a particular test. For example, one may focus on topics, the other on functions.
The topic or function will not be stated directly so you are being tested on your global listening skills and your ability to make an inference from the recording.
1. Read the instructions for Section One (Questions 13—17) and answer these questions.
1 How many recordings will you hear?
2 What are you specifically asked to listen out for in each recording?
3 How many options are there?
4 Can you select an option more than once?
2. Read through the options A—H. Which of these options probably involve:
1 taking people out for a meal?
2 writing a review of something?
3 talking about your experience and qualifications?
4 talking to someone you can’t see?
Now you are ready to listen to Part Two of the listening test and answer questions 13—22.

Section One
(Questions 13—17)

You will hear five short recordings. Five people are giving advice.

For each recording, decide what each speaker is giving advice about.
Write one letter (A—H) next to the number of the recording.
Do not use any letter more than once.

13 _______________________
14 _______________________
15 _______________________
16 _______________________
17 _______________________

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