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Macmillan BEC Vantage Testbuilder Listening Tasks
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Test 2 LISTENING 40 minutes (including 10 minutes’ transfer time)
PART ONE Questions 1—12
You will hear three telephone conversations or messages.
Write one or two words or a number in the numbered spaces on the notes or forms below.
After you have listened once, replay each recording.
Conversation One (Questions 1—4)
Look at the message below.
You will hear a woman calling about changing an arrangement.
To: Henry Lee
From: Maria (1) _______________________ (Architect)
Message: Can’t make Thursday’s meeting about the new (2)_______________________. It’s been rearranged for the following (3)_______________________ at eleven. Can you make sure you take the (4)_______________________ document with you?
Conversation Two (Questions 5-8)
Look at the note below.
You will hear two people discussing a complaint.
Message from: Freeman’s about IT delivery
Following items did not arrive:
• (5) _______________________ • two printers
Delivery arrived yesterday instead of (6) _______________________
Want to know if we are willing to (7) _______________________ because they had to bring in (8) _______________________ from another department.
Conversation Three (Questions 9—12)
Look at the message below.
You will hear a woman calling about a job.
While You Were Out Telephone message
Caller: Sophie Clarkson
Message: Wants to know about the data input job in the (9)_______________________.
Can she work (10) _______________________ ? (e.g. 8 a.m.—2 p.m.)
Has some experience so needs to know if she’ll get the higher (11)_______________________ (£9.40).
Can you get back to her on 0208 34588 before six otherwise she’ll call again (12)_______________________.

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