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Macmillan BEC Vantage Testbuilder Listening Tasks
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20 _______________________
21 _______________________
22 _______________________

A poor communicator
B unpunctual
C untidy
D unfriendly
E lazy
F disorganized
G unreliable
H bossy

Questions 23—30
You will hear a conversation between two senior managers discussing how to make their business more successful.
For each question 23—30, mark one letter (A, B or C) for the correct answer.

23 Alain thinks the company is in trouble because
A the workforce is unhappy.
B there is pressure from overseas.
C there is insufficient marketing.
24 Lisa thinks the best thing to do is to
A reduce staffing levels.
B reduce bonus payments.
C reduce overtime rates.
25 What do they both agree to do?
A meet with Union representatives
B arrange a meeting with the Chief Executive
C consult with the Board of Directors
26 What does Alain think should be in the strategy document?
A a research and development programme
B an economic forecast for the next five years
C a plan to restructure the company
27 Lisa thinks that most staff will
A understand the company’s position.
B react badly to any redundancies.
C agree to the new conditions.
28 Alain thinks that Lisa should
A offer to take a redundancy package.
B ask for a substantial pay rise.
C create a new job for herself.
29 Why is Lisa unhappy with Alain’s suggestion?
A She doesn’t trust him.
B She thinks he is joking.
C She doesn’t understand him.
30 What do they decide to do after their discussion?
A go home and think about it
B discuss it again after the weekend
C write a paper for the Chief Executive

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