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Macmillan BEC Vantage Testbuilder Listening Tasks
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PART ONE Questions 1—12
You will hear three telephone conversations or messages.
Write one or two words or a number in the numbered spaces on the notes or forms below.

Conversation One (Questions 1—4)
Look at the form below.
You will hear a woman asking questions about a training course.
Personnel Department Training Section Date: 10/4/04
Personnel Officer: David Jones Course: Health and Safety
Course code: (1) _______________________
Course (2) _______________________ John Briggs
Seminar room: (3) _______________________
Please wear clothes* suitable for activities which may involve contact with the floor and use of (4) ___________________ equipment.
* e.g. track-suits
Conversation Two
(Questions 5—8)

Look at the note below

You will hear a man leaving a message on a telephone answering service.

Message received for: Paul Ryman

From: Mark Nolan (Winston House)
Wants to know how many delegates for the plenary sessions. Has reserved three rooms for you..
Choice is between the (5) ______________________________ (will hold up to 100) or the
Garden Room in the (6) ___________________________. The two other rooms are on the second floor of the main hotel and there is (7)_______________________________ for wheelchair users.
As soon as he has some idea of how many are coming by car he will (8) __________________________. You can call him on extension 457.

Conversation Three
(Questions 9—12)

Look at the form below

You wilt hear a man telephoning about an incorrect order.

Order Amendment Form

Our Ref: AZ56W/402
(9) _______________________: 1005016900

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