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Macmillan BEC Vantage Testbuilder Listening Tasks
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Questions 13—22
3. This exercise helps you to focus on the relevant details. Listen to the five recordings for Section 1. Decide if the following statements are true or false.



Question 13

A This business employs mostly attractive, young people with good marketing skills.

B This business advises companies on how best to use new technologies.

Question 14

A This industry is dependent on a healthy financial climate.

B This industry has been affected by poor weather in Spain.

Question 15

A A lot of people resent paying for what this industry offers.

B This industry is more concerned with big business than the general public.

Question 16

A This company employs six consultants

B This company offers a form of advice.

Question 17

A This company can help businesses to run more efficiently.

B This company offers to reduce the risk of security leaks.

4. Read through the options A—H. Without listening to the recording, match the extracts (1-5) to the appropriate option (A—H).

A product design E shift patterns
B office furniture F interviews
C staff development G flexitime
D overtime H presentations
1 I think most of the work stations in this office are really badly designed.
2 The last thing you want a potential new employer to think is that you’re unreliable.
3 ... it allows individuals to come up with a personal training programme for themselves.
4 Now I know there are core times when everyone is supposed to be in the office.
5 ... we can avoid paying double time on a Saturday afternoon and even more for a Sunday.
Now you are ready to listen to Part Two of the listening test and answer questions 13—22.

Section One (Questions 13—17)
You will hear five short recordings.
For each recording, decide what sort of service the company offers.
Write one letter (A—H) next to the number of the recording.
• Do not use any letter more than once.

13 _______________________
14 _______________________
15 _______________________
16 _______________________
17 _______________________

A management consultancy
B website design
C insurance
D banking
E catering
F advertising
G travel
H telecommunications

Section Two (Questions 18—22)
You will hear another five recordings.
For each recording, decide what each speaker is giving advice about.
Write one letter (A—H) next to the number of the recording.
• Do not use any letter more than once.

18 _______________________
19 _______________________
20 _______________________

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