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Macmillan BEC Vantage Testbuilder Listening Tasks
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BEC Vantage Testbuilder, Jake Allsop, Tricia Aspinall, MACMILLAN, 2004 Listening Task: TEST 1

Test 1 LISTENING 40 minutes (including 10 minutes’ transfer time)
In Part One of the listening test you hear three conversations or messages. For each conversation or message, there is a gapped text with four spaces that you have to fill with one or two words or a number. The gapped texts are either forms, sets of notes, invoices or diary extracts, etc. The aim of this part of the test is to assess your ability to retrieve factual information. The answers are very specific and must be spelt correctly if the spelling is given during the recording. The gapped text does not repeat the words used in the recording exactly so you need to listen carefully and be prepared to reformulate some of what you hear.
In the exam you will hear each recorded conversation or message twice.
1. Read through the gapped texts carefully and decide what sort of answer is expected. For example, in Conversation 1 you should look for the following sorts of words:
1 a number or a mixture of letters and numbers
2 a word which goes with ‘course’ and describes what John Briggs does
3 a location
4 a word that describes the type of equipment they will be using
2. Now read Conversations 2 and 3 and do the same thing.
Conversation 2
5 _______________________ 7 _______________________
6 _______________________ 8 _______________________
Conversation 3
9 _______________________ 11 _______________________
10 _______________________ 12 _______________________
Listen to the recording for Conversation 1 and fill in the gaps. How many of the gaps require more than one word? Does the order of the recording always follow the order of the text?
Now you are ready to listen to Part One of the listening test and answer questions 1—12.

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