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1. Look through this entire book; check all scholarships for which you meet the criteria. Note that deadlines are general, based on last year's applications. Exact deadlines will be on the current applications.

2. Apply for all scholarships for which you meet the requirements. Don't make the mistake of assuming that you need to be one of the very top students in order to apply or to have a chance of receiving the scholarship. Apply!

3. Carefully follow all directions when completing the application. Submit a top quality application in advance of the deadline date. If you need references, please give the people you are asking at least ten days. Remember they are giving you their time - be sure to thank them.

4. Investigate all other possible sources:

  • Parents' employers, your employer

  • State and federal grants

  • Organizations (churches, clubs, fraternal organizations)

  • Colleges - A few offer additional scholarships for which students must specifically apply or which require early application. Those we know of are included in this booklet. Ask the financial aid offices at the schools to which you are applying if they offer any such scholarships.

  • Check other resources in the Career Center. There are scholarship publications, guides to the scholarship process, and sources of information on financial aid.


Scam Warning Signs
• You have to pay a fee

• Money-back offers or guarantees

• Credit card or bank account information required

• Provides “exclusive” information

Scams: “Phishing” & “Pharming”
• Unsolicited emails that bear the logo of your bank or credit card

• Appear legitimate but are traps to lure you into giving out your personal or

account information.
NEVER give out Social Security, credit card, or bank account numbers to

unsolicited emails or calls.

• Unsolicited emails that encourage you to visit a website or click on suspicious

• Make sure your inbox spam filters are up to date.

BE CAREFUL to whom you give out your contact information or email address

October – January Deadlines:
The AAA Insurance Scholarship for Community Excellence will be awarded to six high school seniors demonstrating excellence in academics and community involvement. Three $1,000 first place scholarships will be awarded in each region of AAA Western and Central New York territory. Three $500 second place scholarships will also be presented in each region. Application available in the Career Center or Deadline – December
AES Engineers Scholarship – Offered to motivated students based only on the basis of character, as determined by evaluation of essay submitted. Scholarships are awarded to all majors. Applicants need to submit an essay on one of the two topics that appear on the scholarship page of Deadline – October
AXA Achievement Scholarship – This scholarship offers college scholarships of $10,000 and $25,000 to high school seniors who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in their activities in school, the community or the workplace. Deadline – December
CIA Undergraduate Scholarship Program – The program’s purpose is to encourage students who are high school seniors planning to enroll in a 4 or 5 year college program looking for career experience in a dynamic environment, apply to the CIA’s Undergraduate Scholar Program Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Applicants must have a 1500 SAT (1000 Math & Critical Reading, 500 writing) or 21 ACT scores or higher Deadline - October
Coca Cola Scholars Program - This scholarship is based on leadership, academics, performance, extracurricular activities, employment, and community involvement. Deadline – October
Damaris Smith Desimone Scholarship – Seniors who plan on majoring in United States History are eligible for this award. Scholarship is based on merit and achievement during their academic high school years, and with regard to community service, personal and academic interest. Deadline – January 10.
DELTA DELTA DELTA Scholarship - This national fraternity of women will award this scholarship to a young woman with scholastic ability, school and community activities, and financial need from Monroe County. Deadline – December
*Discover Scholarship Program For High School Juniors – Discover Card recognizes excellence in high school juniors in their community as well as at school. Juniors with a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA for the 9th and 10th grades who demonstrate leadership, are actively contributing to their communities, and have experienced and overcome a significant obstacle(s) in their lives, are eligible. Deadline – January
Elks National Foundation Legacy Award – This award is for any child, grandchild, step-child or step-grandchild or legal guardian of an Elk member. Deadline – January
Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Scholarship - Applicants for the Most Valuable Students awards need have no connection the Elks organization. The awards are made by a scoring system that takes into account not only academics, but community involvement, work history, and need. Deadline – January
The Gates Millennium Scholars Program – The goal of GMS is to promote academic excellence and to provide an opportunity for outstanding minority students (African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American and Hispanic American students) with high academic and leadership promise that have significant financial need. Deadline – January.
*The Goodwill Ambassador Scholarship Competition – Over $1,000 in scholarship money and prizes will be awarded to students in 5th – 12th grade who want to be acknowledged as positive role models. To receive more information about the competition and for an application visit or call 624-5510. Deadline – October
Italian American Community Center Maria N. Ciardi Young Woman of the Year Scholarship – Criteria: female senior, ranked in top 10% of her class, service oriented activities in our community, have at least one parent who is of Italian descent, and respect for her Italian American heritage. Deadline – December
Italian American Community Center Scholar-Athlete Award - This award is given to a male and female athlete who are planning to pursue a college education. Must demonstrate achievement in both athletics and academics, display good citizenship and sportsmanship, ranked in the top 10% of their class, and have at least one parent who is of Italian descent. Deadline - October
Susan G. Komen Scholarship – This award aids college students attending a state university who are facing significant financial burdens due to the loss of a parent (or guardian) to breast cancer. Deadline – November 15.
The Monroe Professional Engineers Society Scholarship – The National Society of Professional Engineers distribute eight locally sponsored and distributed scholarships for graduating high school seniors who plan to study engineering at an accredited college starting the fall of 2014. Minimum criteria is 600/500 math/verbal SAT score or 29/25 math/English ACT score and 85 or 3.0 GPA. Average one time

scholarship award is $2,000. Deadline – December

The New York Water Environment Association Scholarship - $1, 500 scholarships to two students who will be enrolled in an environmentally related program in a four year college or university where there is a NYWE student chapter. Deadline – January

The New York Water Environment Association Major Scholarship - A four year scholarship worth a total of $10,000. Applicant must be enrolling in a full-time program with a focus on environmental issues such as Environmental, Civil, or Chemical Engineering, Hydrogeology, Biology or Microbiology with an environmental emphasis. Deadline – January
NFIB Young Entrepreneurs will be offering at last 400 students $1,000-$10,000 non-renewable and renewable awards nationwide to graduating seniors entering an accredited, two or four year college or vocation/technical institute, with the passion to be an entrepreneur or small-business owner. Applications available at Deadline - December
Prudential Spirit of Community Awards – These awards are for students in grades 5 – 12 and who have engaged in a volunteer activity that occurred at least partly during the 12 months prior to the date of application. For more information and for an on-line application please contact Deadline – November 9.
Rochester Area Foundation Harvey E. Anderson Scholarship

This scholarship is to be awarded annually to students who participate in Section V sports, have been diligent in academic and athletic endeavors, and exhibit self-motivation and extraordinary effort. The award is renewable for up to a total of four years. Renewal awards are made upon receipt by the Community Foundation of certification indicating that the recipient maintained a minimum “C” average for the just completed year and is enrolled for the coming year. Financial need may be considered, but is not a determining factor. Deadline - December. Posted on the Section V website ( in October

SAE Engineering Scholarships - These corporate-sponsored scholarships range in value from $1,000 to $10,000. For a complete list of undesignated scholarships, go to To qualify the applicant must enroll in an engineering program accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering. Undesignated scholarships are paid directly to the college or university. Applicants must meet minimum requirements with regard to grade point average, SAT Reasoning Test and/or ACT scores as outlined in the individual requirement of each scholarship. Judging will be based on the criteria established by the sponsor and as outlined in the individual scholarship descriptions. Deadline - December
Saint John Fisher College Service Scholarship Program - The Fisher Service Scholars Program has been established to recognize and reward high school seniors who demonstrate an ongoing interest in serving the needs of others through a commitment to community service. The Service Scholars Program provides up to 36 students each year with scholarship awards equal to one-third of the total yearly cost of Fisher’s tuition, fees, and room and board for four years. Deadline - December
Saint John Fisher Fannie & Sam Constantino First Generation Scholarship Program -This scholarship program is designed to provide financial assistance to students who are first generation in their families to attend a post-secondary institution. Scholarship awards range from $5,000 to one-third of the total yearly cost of Fisher’s tuition, fees, and room and board for four years. Deadline - December

Washington Crossing Foundation Awards – Seniors that are planning careers in government service qualify for these awards. Deadline – January
Wendy’s High School Heisman Program – To be eligible, a student must have maintained at least a “B” GPA, participate in a sport sanctioned by the National Federation of State High School Associations, and demonstrate active involvement in his or her community. Graduating seniors can apply at Deadline – October 3.
The Wilson Center Leadership Award – This $1,000 leadership award will be given to 4 high school seniors within the eight counties of Western New York who will graduate in June. Award is based on an essay on leadership. Deadline – December 23.
February Deadlines:
*A Day in Black History Scholarship Contest - In celebration of Black History Month, Black has launched the “A Day in Black History” Scholarship. The scholarship is NOT an academic scholarship. It is entirely based on a 600-800 word essay about your favorite African American contributor to society. Any student of any ethnicity (and grade level) is eligible to participate. Application can be found on line only Deadline - February
AXA Achievement Community Scholarship - The local AXA Advisors branch distributes up to twelve $2,000 college scholarships to high school seniors in the Rochester area. Winners must demonstrated ambition, drive, determination to set and reach goals, respect for self, family and community, and achievement in their activities in school, the community or the workplace. Deadline - February
*Best Buy Scholarship – The Best Buy @ 15 Scholarship Program will award scholarships to students in grades 9 – 12 who plan to enter a full-time undergraduate course of study upon high school graduation, have sold grades and are involved in community service or work experience. Applications are available on line at Deadline - February
The Burger King Scholars - Eligible applicants must be a current high school senior who will be enrolling full time in the fall of the scholarship year. The applicant must also have a 2.5 GPA, work part-time for at least 15 hours per week, demonstrate financial need, and show participation in community service and extracurricular activities. Deadline - February

DAR Polly F. Burke Memorial Scholarship - The family and friends of the late Polly F. Burke established this scholarship for students with outstanding academic records who have committed themselves to community service. Mrs. Burke was active in the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and was honored as New York State Director of District VII and as New York State Chairman, DAR Schools. Deadline – February

KFC Colonel’s Scholars Program – This program was created is dedicated to assisting students with financial need who plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree at a public institution within their legal state of residence. This award can be up to $5,000 per year for tuition, fees, books, and room and board. Students complete their application online at available from December – February
Manning & Napier Scholarship Program - Applicants to this scholarship must be seniors attending high school in the greater Rochester area. Three renewable awards will be granted: one award of $8,000 and two at $1,000. In addition, the recipient of the $8,000 will receive a paid internship with Manning & Napier during the summer between their junior and senior years of college. Financial need is not considered. Applications are available on the internet, beginning January 2 at Deadline – February 19
Monroe County Association of Education Office Professionals Helen Nicloy Scholarship – This scholarship is designed to assist business education students who wish to continue their education and pursue office-related careers, preferably in the educational field. Deadline – February
Monroe Tractor Scholarship – This scholarship will be awarded to a young man or woman who will be pursuing a career in an agricultural related field. An agricultural field is most everything in the business related fields as well as engineering, computer sciences, biology as well as the more well known agriculture fields such as veterinary, mechanics, agronomy, herd management, etc. Deadline – February
Monsanto Agriculture Scholarship (The Commitment to Agriculture Scholarship Program – This program recognizes deserving students with a long-term career interest in agriculture. Deadline - February
National Commission For Cooperative Education Scholarship - To qualify for this scholarship students must complete all the required admissions applications material and be accepted for the fall academic year at one of the National Commission Partner Institutions: Drexel University, Johnson & Wales University, Kettering University, CW Post Campus of Long Island University, Northeastern University, Pace University, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Cincinnati, University of Toledo, and Wentworth Institute of Technology. All admissions application materials must be sent directly to your college or university. Deadline - February
Oh, the Places You’ll Go Random House Scholarship – This scholarship recognizes a high school senior who understands and values the limitless possibilities that education can offer with a $5,000 scholarship award. Scholarship is based on compositions judged by their technical merit and written with strong, creativity and draw clear connections back to Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Deadline - February
Polish Heritage Society Scholarship – To be eligible for this $1,000 scholarship students must be a senior who is of Polish descent (at least one parent) and live in Monroe County. Deadline - February
Rochester Chapter of Credit Union Association of New York – Seven $1,000 college scholarships will be awarded to outstanding credit union members in the Rochester area. Applicants must be in good standing at the credit union, enrolled as a high school senior and plan to attend an accredited college or university after graduation. Deadline - February
Saint John Fisher Foreign Language Scholarship -This scholarship is available to all high school seniors with proficiency in foreign language and a minimum 1000 SAT or 21 ACT composite score. Students of all majors are eligible, with priority given to those students majoring in a foreign language. To qualify, students must apply for admission to the College and be nominated by a teacher or counselor. Winners will receive $2,000 annually, over four years, if they complete two foreign language courses during their first year at Fisher and maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative average. Deadline - February
Saint Pius X Federal Credit Union Scholarship - All St. Pius X Federal Credit Union members who graduate from high school in 2010 and will attend an accredited college are eligible to receive either a $500 or $1,000 scholarship. Students must apply to the New York State Rochester Chapter Credit Union Scholarship. Deadline – February
SME Education Foundation Scholarship Program - Awards scholarships to graduating seniors, current undergraduates and masters or doctoral degrees for students pursuing degrees in manufacturing and related fields at two-year and four-year colleges. Deadline - February
USA Funds Access to Education Scholarships – Provides scholarships to students able to demonstrate financial need. The program awards scholarships of $1,500. The scholarships are non-renewable, but students may reapply in subsequent years. Application information is available on the program web site at Deadline - February
Sam Walton Community Scholarship – This scholarship is available through To qualify for this $1,000 award you may not be a Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club associate, or the child or legal dependent of a Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club associate. Deadline – February

March Deadlines:
Association of Fire Districts of The State of New York , Inc. - Three $1,500 scholarships will be given to students pursuing a post secondary career in the Community Service related areas of endeavor at either a two or four year college. The student must be related to or be a firefighter in an affiliated member organization of the Association of Fire Districts of the State of New York. Deadline - March
Black Scholars Planning Committee Essay Contest Program - The Urban League of Rochester Black Scholars Planning Committee Essay Contest is open to graduating Black Scholars. The winner of the contest will receive an award at the annual Salute to Black Scholars Dinner in June. Deadline - March
Body By Milk SAMMY 2010 - America’s Milk Processors and Milk Mustache ads are offering “Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year” (SAMMY) 2010 Award Program. Judging of the nominees will be based on five criteria: academic performance (35%), athletic excellence (35%), leadership (15%) community service (10%) and milk experience (5%). Applications will only be accepted on line at Deadline - March
The William J. Cox & Dorothy H. Cox Foundation Scholarship – This is a non-profit organization that annually awards scholarships to worthy seniors that meet their criteria: must have participated in scouting, active in some form of sports, top 20% of their class and excellent citizenship. Deadline – March
Delta Nu Omega Chapter Community Foundation Award – This organization founded by African American women who are interested in cultivating and encouraging young women to improve their lives and develop their potential. Deadline – March 1.
DELTA SIGMA THETA Sorority, Inc. Maude Orman Scholarship – This award will go a graduating female African-American senior with an overall B average and in financial need. Deadline - March
Dorthea Deitz Memorial Scholarship -The women in Physical Education in New York State offer this scholarship to provide financial assistance to selected women students planning to major in Physical Education Teacher Education. Deadline - March
Genesee Community College Village Citizenship Scholarship - Genesee Community College is offering $1,000 housing scholarship to students who have demonstrated leadership abilities through academic, civic, or religious organizations. Applications are available in the Career Center and at Deadline - March
IBERO Hispanic Scholarship Endowment Fund - Applicant must be a resident of the Monroe County, Hispanic origin (one or both parents must be Hispanic), and demonstrate high academic achievement with a grade point average of 3.0 or better. Deadline – March
Italian American Community Center Fine Arts Scholarship – The IACC is sponsoring a $500 scholarship for the deserving senior art student who is planning to pursue studies in the fine arts field. Scholarship will be awarded primarily on the basis of their ability in the field of fine arts. Deadline – March
Italian Civic League Scholarship – Criteria: Two years of Italian in high school or must have knowledge of the Italian language, American of Italian lineage (at least one Italian grandparent), and 85% GPA or above. Deadline - March
Jack and Jill of America, Inc. Rochester, NY Scholarship – Award for African American student based upon, academic performance, character, personal achievements, community service, and overall demonstration of financial need, leadership ability in the field of fine arts. Deadline – March

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