C minutes of the Chapter meeting held on February 20, 2009 hosted by Holy Spirit Council # 9314, San Diego, ca. Host Grand Knight – Andy Huelskamp

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Chapter Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/sandiegochapter/

February 2009 Kamal Alsawaf, Chapter Secretary Vol. XIX, No. 7

Minutes of the Chapter meeting held on February 20, 2009 hosted by Holy Spirit Council # 9314, San Diego, CA. Host Grand Knight – Andy Huelskamp.

Chapter President, Frank Durazo introduced two guests to speak about Life perspective: Ken Peters from the Social Ministry and Linda Stewart from Life Perspective. (See attachment for their presentation)

Chapter President, Frank Durazo, called the Meeting to order at 7:34

Chapter Vise President, Michael Brault led the opening prayer, the Our Father. Sir Knight Michael Burr led the Pledge of Allegiance. Sir Knight Harry Thomas made a motion to accept the minutes as mailed in the Olla, seconded and approved.
Roll Call of Officers:

Present: P, VP, S, T, A, IG, OG, 1YT, 2YT, 3YT, DD 106, 107, 108, 110, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, FN 40, 74, 2063, 2311, 2449 and 2652

Absent: DD 109, 111, FN 64 and 2122

Excused: C, W and AW
27 Councils out or 62 were represented at this meeting.
Treasurer’s Report-Ernie Edraisa

$ 4,848.69 Checkbook balance as of January 9th, 2009

$ 4,641.50 Deposit

$ 0.45 Interest

$ 3,078.77 Withdrawal

$ 6,411.94 End Balance as of February 17, 2009

Chapter President Report-Frank Durazo:
Good evening Chapter Officers, Field Agents, my Brother Knights one and all. I would like to thank Fr. Edward Johnson Council and Grand Knight Andy Huelskamp for hosting this month’s Chapter Meeting.

• The State Deputy’s Testimonial Dinner was a successful event. I want to thank all of you who made this possible, especially Michael and Bunny Galasso for all their hard work in putting this event together and last but not least my lovely wife Candy Durazo for all her support. I have received nothing but great compliments from our State Officers, our Supreme Director Emilio Moure, Supreme Program Consultant Frank Pulicet, Supreme Consultant for Hispanic Development; Robert Velasquez, and the two visiting Past District Masters; from northern California Tim Carvalho, and Manuel Lima from the Central District. They were all pretty pleased on how we as a Chapter conducted our meeting.



Frank Durazo



Father Ramon Marrufo

Michael Brault

Vice President

Kamal Alsawaf


Ernie Edraisa


Michael Galasso


Gene Garibay


Frank Chenelle

Assistant Warden

Emil Viergutz

Inside Guard

Ronald Burtley

Outside Guard

Frank Contreras

1-Year Trustee

Larry Campitiello

2-Year Trustee

Jack O’Rourke

3-Year Trustee


The Chapter Secretary has mailed out all the invoices on the Assessment dues to the addresses you have provided on the Form 365, and none have come back as, “return to sender”, this is why it is important that you provide the correct information to us and update that information as it deems necessary. Chapter Assessment dues are still owed by seven Councils in the Chapter. These dues should have been paid no later than September of 2008. If you did not receive and invoice, that is not an excuse for you not to pay your per capita to the Chapter. Financial Secretaries, you know that this is one of the bill’s that is due at the beginning of the Columbian year, so look for the invoice, if you do not receive the invoice, call the Chapter Secretary, his telephone number is in the Chapter’s Newsletter, he will be more than happy to send you a second invoice and or let you know the amount that your Council owes. We need to get these assessments paid as soon as possible.

If you sent a check to the Chapter, please do not assume that the dues have been paid, sometimes the checks get lost in the mail, or you may think that you sent it in when in fact it is still in your checkbook, or on top of your desk. We will call you and advise you that your dues are still owed. We do not hold on to checks for very long I had a Council FS, ask if the Chapter would split the cost to stop payment on a check mailed to us, that we had not yet received?, the answer is no. If your creditors won’t allow you to do that with them, then why should we do that with you?
Councils, please remember that it is your responsibility to insure that your assessment dues are paid and that they are received before the due date.
• The 3rd Degree Exemplification held on Sunday January 11, 2009 had 58 candidates go through the exemplification in Lakeside. Let’s get these Brother Knights involved in our project and elected into office in the 3rd degree.

• The 4th Degree Exemplification will be coming up on Saturday February 28, 2009 we expect to have over 100 candidates, let’s make sure that we get these Brother Knights to participate in all 4th degree events.

• At January’s Chapter Meeting and at the State Deputy’s Testimonial Dinner I mentioned to you the Wheelchair Foundation, I received my copy of the Wheelchair Foundation Report on all the councils within the Chapter and it was very disappointing to see that we are not doing well as we had been by this time in other years. So please go back to your councils and find out if they have contributed to the Wheelchair Foundation, if they haven’t, please do so. I ask that each and every council donates $150.00 towards the Wheelchair Foundation.

• I have made arrangements with Resurrection Church in Escondido to take us to the Chapter Meeting in Brawley, the bus will be leaving Resurrection Church at 9:00 a.m. and make it’s first stop at the Fry’s Electronic Store off Aero Drive, please be there by no later than 9:45 a.m. we will leave that stop at 9:45 a.m., the second stop will at the Wal-Mart off Los Coches Drive off Interstate 8 at 10: 15 a.m. we shall leave there by no later than 10:30 a.m., so that we may arrive by noon in Brawley. Cost is $20.00 per person for the bus; the dinner cost is an additional $15.00. Please make your reservations with me no later than March 14, 2009 so far I have approximately 24 reservations, the bus will take 42. Let’s fill the bus and let’s go have a good time in Brawley without the worry about having to drive back in snow or rain. You may also take your own drinks and food on the bus for the way up and for the way back. Father Ken will be our driver. We will be leaving Brawley at approximately 9:00 p.m.; to head back to San Diego.

Council 2130 have planned for us to arrive in Brawley at noon for some socializing; the Ladies will then be taken over to the American Legion Hall for some fun activities. Our Chapter Meeting will begin at 1:00 p.m.; The Ladies will then be brought back to join us for the celebration of Mass at 4:00 p.m. at Saint Margaret Mary’s Church. I will also have a basket for donations for Father Ken Del Priore of Escondido. Please be generous.

Chapter Secretary Report-Kamal Alsawaf:

Brothers please submit your reports in writing so I can publish them in the Olla. You can email them, fax them or hand them to me at the meeting. I have only two brothers email me their report before the meeting. We still have seven councils that have not mailed their assessment dues yet and they are council # 2891, 3947, 7792, 9904, 10118, 11595 (camp Pendleton) # 12383.

Jack O’Rourke – Report of Trustees: No report.
Chapter Vice President/Program Director-Michael Brault:
On February 9th the chapter officers met with Mother Lillie who spoke at the Chapter meeting in Saint Charles. If you recall, her order focus is to pray for the sanctity of priest and for vocations. They have Eucharistic adorations 24/7. They take care of 40 banded girls in their convent and they help distribute food and clothing to the locals on a regular basis. The Knights of Columbus has vouched to help the sisters in their fund raising event on October 17th 2009 at Saint Peter’s Chaldean church in El Cajon. We are asking every council to help sell one table at $ 100.00 per seat. The dinner cost has been under written so the dinner will be 100% go to the sisters and it is tax deductable.
In the back table I produced a draft of the calendar year 2009/2010 Columbian year. It has the dates and the proposed dates. I still have to check the state calendar for dates that affect our chapter. Take it to your council and see if you want to host a chapter meeting or a chapter event. I like to have it completed by June.
In regard to the degrees, I have three copies in the back table and all they have Saint Charles only. Please submit you scheduled degrees and challenge your council to schedule degrees and if you have to change it so be it and if you have no candidates you can use that night for practice.
I would like to hear from the current program chairs if they are interested in continuing to serve for the next year and also I would like to hear from anyone who is interested in any Chapter programs and especially in membership and recruiting. In addition one of the areas I will be focusing on is retention. My council has lost 33 members this year because we did not have a good retention program. I do not want to see this to continue.
The poster board is blank now (Brother Michael is talking about the board he created). All the chapter chairs are welcome to take a spot. I would like to see how many council send in essays, applications for scholarships, wheelchair donations and any thing that we ask our councils to do. I want to have everybody to fill out the dots. I got dots to fill in the boxes and you have to be proud of your council to see dots across the board.
Saint Patrick parade is back and we will march this year. I received a call from Gene Garibay that someone called him and demanded the flags to be returned to the chapter. Brother Gene informed that the flags belong to Brother John Moore family. I ask all the assemblies to get together and purchase a new set of flags to the chapter for parades.
Jim Mihalick-Adoration:

I have with me now the Our Lady of Charity icon which will be touring San Diego chapter with the help of the District deputies who will contact the Grand Knights in their district to schedule the visit of the icon. Contact your Priests, make announcement and advertise in the church bulletin. Keep track of the number of visitors who visits the icon. Call me if you need to change your distinct schedule.

Columbian Retirement-Bart Bartolomeo:

By now every knight in the district should have received the tickets to support the Columbian retirement home. This year will be given a total of $ 20,000 in prizes. The first is $ 10,000, the second $ 5,000, the third $ 3,000 and four prizes for $ 500 each. For $ 60.00 you get 15 tickets that mean you get 3 extra tickets. Council # 3589 has asked their members to add $ 5.00 to their annual dues for the retirement home.

Many Perez-Vocations: Our Seminarians

Brian Frice

Kevin Egger

Carlos Meza

Chris Tozzi

Efrain Bautista

Lauro Minimo

Jacob Bertrand

Matthew Gruning

Dear Worthy Brothers,

Above, you see the future of our church in San Diego. These are the young men that have begun the journey to Priesthood and deserve our support. Father Matt Spar is the Director of Priestly Formation and Fr. Anthony J. Saroki is the Vocations Director. I implore you to contact them to see where your council might help one of these, “OUR FUTURE PRIEST.”

Fr. Matt Spahr Rev. Anthony J. Saroki

Director of Priestly Formation Director of Vocations
mspahr@diocese-sandiego.org asaroki@diocese-sdiego.org
St. Francis de Sales Center
1667 Santa Paula Drive
Diocese of San Diego
San Diego, CA 92111-6810
Tel.: (619) 291-7446
Fax: (619) 291-7011

We have approximately 300 Religious Sisters in the Diocese of San Diego, working in our schools, hospitals, and parishes.

They teach us; they render Tender-Loving-Care; they administer to us; the minister and administer to the poor. These dedicated hard working women help us attain spiritual awareness; help us heal; help us to become better Catholic men and fathers.
They are worthy of our support and prayers. Prayers are extremely necessary. Also we need to support them spiritually with our finances.
Every year, the good Sisters of our Diocese have two retreats. They must pay for the transportation of the retreat directors which cost about $1,000.00 per year. This pays for two round trips from somewhere in the United State to San Diego and back.
The San Diego Diocese Chapter has under its wing 14 Districts with 67 Councils. This would equate to 14.9253731343 dollars or 15 dollars per Council. What better return for your money is there? Fifteen dollars per council for a lifetime of loving women teaching us, medically caring for us, teaching our children, and ministering to us.
I ask that each council include in their budgets, 15 dollars for the Woman Religious of San Diego Diocese and to send the money in a timely manner to Sister Jeanette, Lucinio, Director of Women Religious, 3888 Paducah Dr., PO Box 85728, San Diego, CA 92186-5728. jlucinio@diocese-sdiego.org . (858-490-8289.)
I just got informed that the Chaldean community has its own seminary in El Cajon. I invite Brother Thomas Meram the GK for Mar Toma council to tell us more.
Thank you for this opportunity dear brother. The Chaldaen Diocese in El Cajon opened a new seminary about a year ago by purchasing a house near by and already have five seminarians enrolled. Mar Toma council donated $ 24,000.00 from their general account and individual knights donated another $ 20,000.00
We are asking families to sponsor those seminarians on a monthly or yearly basis. Any council wants to help support those young men you can contact me or Brother Kamal.

Hugh Largey- Pro Life:

The lobbying of our government officials has recently come under closer public scrutiny with almost daily revelations of

Politicians who’ve “sold out” the public’s interest to powerful money interests who later even obtain appointed positions

inside our government. Thus the source of recent bad government decisions is more evident when one wonders out loud,

“What were they thinking?”
In light of the recent avalanche of governmental decisions reversing previous policies that fostered a pro-life American

Culture - reflecting time honored sound moral principles, the time is overdue for US to do some lobbying for good where

It can do the most good.  As Catholic Church constituents, WE Knights can have perhaps the greatest impact if we “lobby”

our Church leaders to take appropriate strong actions in disciplining U.S. Catholic government officials who openly advocate anti-Catholic, anti-life, measures all with the “cover” of appearing to be in good standing with the Catholic Church.  

Archbishop Raymond Burke, appointed last year by Pope Benedict XVI as head of the Church’s highest court, the Apostolic Signature, said this February,* “There’s not a question that a Catholic who publicly, and after admonition, supports Pro-abortion legislation is not to receive Holy Communion and is not to be given Holy Communion . . . The issue of pro-abortion Politicians continuing to receive Holy Communion is still one of major concern and it is the duty of bishops to ensure that they are refused.”  Are you listening Arnold, Ted, Nancy, Joe?
*Source: LifSiteNews.com  www.LifeSiteNews.com Brothers can go to this site to sign a Catholic Petition to advance this cause.

Jack O’Rorke-Special Events:

Two special events are coming up:

  1. Religious appreciation dinner for all the clergies in the SD diocese (Priests, Deacons and Sisters). The date is April 30th at Saint Raphael parish. The price is $ 25.00 PP. Will be no speeches just a social gathering? We encourage each council to purchase a table.

  2. Priests Golf tournament. The date is May 27th at the Cotton Golf in El Cajon. Last year we had over 50 Priests for dinner. At the events the priests receive prizes from us so I ask the councils to come up with some prizes for the priests. We ask also the councils to send us $ 100.00 for this event.

Abe Doliente-Membership:
The Membership Drive last October gave our chapter the following numbers 180 prospects, 109 Form 100’s and 1 Readmission/Reactivation. A review of the membership numbers up to December 31st from the Supreme Office shows that our chapter 110 new members. This coincides with the numbers of Form 100’1 signed and the Readmission/Reactivation. What happened to the 180 prospects? Did they just disappear?
At the last Membership Drive, we had the following numbers: 129 prospects, 69 Form 100’s and 2 Readmission/Reactivation. Of these numbers, we have accounted for only 31 new members. We are still missing 40 from among those that signed Form 100’s.
Again, 129 prospects plus the previous 180 prospects last October makes 309 prospects. If we can get just 1/3 of these prospects, say 100 new members, then we should be in excellent position to go above our quota.
My brothers, let us not waste the time and efforts to accumulate these numbers. Let us keep working with these prospects. These men should not have given their names if they did not have any interest in the Knights of Columbus.

We have 4 months left on this Columbian year. Let us work harder to make our chapter, the home chapter or our Worthy State Deputy number one in the state.

Larry Campitiello-MR Drive:

14 councils out of 61 did not even participate in the MR drive. Is it too much work? Is it too much to stand in front of the market with the yellow can and pass on the tootsie rolls? I still have 6 councils that have not turned their money from October (6031, 11632, 10094, 2891, 9659 & 2130). I have 3 councils that have not paid for the tootsie rolls and I get calls about it. It is a heart break and we know where this money goes. It stays right here in SD and goes to the Special Olympics, Noah’s home or Madeline Sophie. This year is the worst year since I was a chapter President. We use to raise over $ 70,000 a year. This year we raised $ 56,360 only which is have what we should be able to raise. I hope next year we will turn it around. I am available to show you how to run the program if you do not know how?

John Carney-Essay Contest:

I have received only one so far this year and I will accept them if they arrive by Feb. 28th. I have to judge them and pass on to the state by the end of March. My address is in the directory.

Sal Acampora-Poster Contest:

I have received only 3 posters. It seems to me that no one cares anymore and very disappointed for not going out and pushes this program. I have to have them by March 1st.

Joe Valdez-Scholarships:

This is the last time I talk about this program. 9 days left to mail them in. We will meet on March 12th to select the 12 participant for the scholarships.

Bud Foster-Chapter Charities:

We still have tickets for Wizard of OZ in Coronado on March 8th.

We need new directors to join Chapter Charities, if you have new ideas and want to help please give me a call and we will make you get busy doing something.
Chris Warner-Basketball Free Throw:

Tomorrow at 7:00 AM doors will open registration at 8:00 and competition starts about 8:15 AM.

Place is Saint Augustine HS.
Bill Brown-Father McGivney Guilt:

The Father McGivney Guilt is taking a major and different direction in our effort to support for Father McGivney beatification. Every GK in the state of CA got a message that he needs to get with his pastor and ask for his permission to speak to his parish in the subject of Father McGivney beatification. Each GK got a script that he can follow to do this. Each DD got a letter tells him what his responsibilities are in this effort. Each Chapter president got a letter tell him his responsibilities. This is a major effort that we can be proud of. The state deputy in his effort has written a letter to all the Bishops in CA explaining what we are doing? All the knights and the parishioners will be informed about this.

Unfinished Business:

Brother Jack O’Rourke asked if the new poster that Brother Michael Brault created can be put in the web site.

Brother Michael agreed and it will be in the web.
New Business:

Brother Jerry Balesteri responded to some of the program directors that many of the knights do not care anymore by telling us that when he visits the councils he found the spirit is there and the knights in their meetings talk about many different programs that they are involved in.

Brother Jack O’Rorke made a motion for the chapter to pay for the difference of the cost of the bus to Brawley.

Insurance Agent Report- Joe Flores:

I want to update you on the insurance program. In 2008 the kofc insurance is 1 of 6 companies out of 1800 had a net growth. Most did not. Now we have over $ 70 billion of insurance enforced and we may be the only one that had not raised the long term care insurance premium. The best part, today we are better off financially than a year ago. Forbes magazine has asked our supreme knight Carl Anderson for an article in the next month issue about the kofc insurance program. His article will be on two things, Ethics and integrity. Those two things we know other companies lack. I ask you dear brothers if you have not bought a life insurance from your company or invest your retirement with the kofc please re consider.

District Deputies Report: Please e-mail your report at least 24 hours prior to next Chapter Meeting to


District 113- Hermie Francisco: 1st and 2nd degree January 21st at Saint Charles. Also Saint Charles council will have first and second degrees on March 25th. Council # 10117 will have a blood drive on March 1st.
District 114-Ken Shier: 4th degree exemplification: council 3368 has two or possible three candidates. Council 4258 has three candidates.

Chapter free throw contest: District 114 has seven participants: Julianna Asellano, Francisco SimmsII, Eric Flores, Kristine Joy Sellona, Joshua Sellona, Raynold Marte and Jon Jeffery Lapira.

Council 4258 has been sponsoring a rosary on every Tuesday in February for FOCA. All knights are welcome.
District 116- Dan Plien: There are three upcoming First and Second Degrees scheduled in the East County:
Tuesday March 3, 2009

Registration Begins 6:30 PM

First Degree Begins 7:00 PM

Second Degree Begins 8:00 PM

St Michael the Archangel Council 9590

Guardian Angels Catholic Church

9310 Dalehurst

Santee, CA 92071

Contact GK Don Spees (619) 449-4839

Please bring Rosaries/pins/”These Men They Call Knights”

Saturday March 7, 2009

Registration Begins 2PM

First Degree Begins 3PM

Second Degree Begins 4PM

Mass 5:30PM

St Ephrem’s Church

750 Medford St.

El Cajon, CA 92020

This Degree is at the Maronite Church located behind Our Lady Of Grace. They will have 20 candidates and are attempting to open their own new council. Feel free to bring your own candidates. The mass following should be something! Father Nabil welcomes all.

Contact Chapter Secretary Kamal Alsawaf (619) 654-1451

Or DD Dan Plein (619) 417-7327

Wednesday April 1, 2009

Registration Begins 6.00 PM

First Degree Begins 6:30 PM

Second Degree Begins 7:30 PM

St Luke’s Council

1980 Hillsdale Rd

El Cajon, CA 92019
Just a reminder, and for the Chapter Schedule…
St Michael the Archangel Council along with the Mater Dei Second Degree Team do a First/Second Degree on the First Tuesday of all Odd number months at the listed times. The future degrees are 3-3-09 and 5-5-09.
The St Luke Council along with the Mater Dei Second Degree Team do a First/Second Degree on the First Wednesday of even number months. The upcoming degrees are 4-1-09 and 6-3-09.

I like everyone else tonight, have my hand out. I’m in charge of the Thursday night entertainment for the State Convention. We will have video dog racing to bet on and will have a Country Western Band performing at an outdoors venue.

I’d like to ask my fellow District Deputies to help me out in gathering a raffle prize per San Diego Chapter District. I’d like them to collect a grand total of $35 from their District which would work out to about $7 or $8 per Council. I’d like to purchase small prizes with the money for things like restaurant gift cards, movie passes etc, so the winners at the Dog Racing part of the event can spend their winnings on raffle tickets to place on individual prizes. I will send the DD’s this week an e-mail with details on what restaurants etc I’d like to gather. We have 14 Districts, and I’d like to have to have at least fourteen small prizes to go along with the three larger prizes I’m working on.
Mar Toma Council #10981 is a council at a Chaldean Church. Currently they are in need of assistance. The council is composed of gentlemen of Iraqi Heritage. As you are aware there are many Chaldean Catholics who have been displaced from Iraq by the current difficulties and Muslim extremism in that country. They are true refugees, in that they have lost everything, and are coming to the United States with absolutely nothing.
In the recent past, the refugees have arrived in smaller numbers and have had assistance from the government. Currently the projected numbers are about triple those in the recent past. The government assistance, in light of the current financial crisis in the country has been decreased.
My brothers, the small council and other organizations in their parish are being overwhelmed in their abilities to help these refugees. I know from having attended many meetings with them that almost all of their efforts are expended on the assistance of the refugees. I’d like to ask that anyone who has the ability to offer assistance in the form of large moving type vans or trucks assist… They are purchasing mattresses and furniture in large lots and it is difficult to get the mattresses from the point of purchase, to distribution. If you have manual labor or repair skills, they could use you…I’m sure they wouldn’t turn away financial contributions either (they can turn the money into food stuffs for the refugees. Just this past Thanksgiving they gave out over 600 turkeys along with rice oil and necessities to refugees in need.
If there is something you can do, or your councils can do to help, please contact GK Thomas Meram (619) 840-8902, or Chapter Secretary Kamal Alsawaf (619) 654-1451. They will be able to find a way to channel your assistance.
District 119- Council 2130 will be hosting the chapter meeting on March 21st at St. Margaret Mary’s church in Brawley. Reservation deadline is March 16th. Check the flyer.
Faithful Navigators Report:

Balboa assembly just remodeled their club and looking for business, catered or not give them a call and check the web site at www. Columbusclubsandiego.com

Fr. Peyri assembly has 20 candidates to the 4th degree exemplification.

Magellan assembly has 22 candidates to the 4th degree.

Jeremiah Murphy assembly has 20 candidates to the 4th degree.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Assembly will have the installation of officers on July 17th. Mass at 9:00 AM and installation at 10:00 AM.

Fr. Joseph O”Calahan assembly has 16 candidates to the 4th degree.
Larry Campitiello- Master of the Southern District:

The 4th degree exemplification in Ontario will have about 250 candidates which include 14 Priests. The exemplification is on honor of Former Master Bernie Gardner.

Good of the Order:
Prayers for the Sick and Distressed led by Brother Michael Brault–
Rev. FR Vincent, Lorenz, Rev. FR Gene Fisher, Rev. FR Richard Neuhaus, Rev. Deacon Joe Arismender, Jesse & Mary Ramirez, Panchito & Bea Chenelle, George & Lisa Thorburn, , Maria De Los Angeles Sanchez, Alicia Lynn Tomarchio, John Moore, Jean Moore, Robert and Gerald Vrergutz, James Campbell, Haydee Kwiat, George Morrison, Debbie Rossi, Wallace Le.Leu, Eleene Mayer, Rick Villalobes, Gary Nelso PSD, Rey Edraisa, Ellen Riopel, Sylvia G. Roano, Joe Galvan, Wally Kissel, Kathie Ziegler, Anthony Hernandez, George Morrison, David Carney, John Carney SR., Bill Sandorson, Sherry Warner, Harold Goutner, Francisco Davolos, Cindy Mendez, Debbie Rossi, Wallace Le Leu, Elieen Mayer, Jan Smith, Janet Bergman, Alicia Lynn Tomarchio, Vince Giracello, Armando Garcia, Mary Ann Ashbaugh, Martina Heath, Ron Budzewski, Ted Kowe, Dorthy Smith, Joe Tupta, William Daliglon, Ralph Fear,To end abortions, For all inmates, For Vocations, Catholic Missionaries, Active Duty Military, All our service men and women in harms way, for Canonization of Venerable Servant of God Fr. Michael J McGivney Sainthood, All our departed brothers and sisters, All the babies buried in the Garden of Innocence.
50/50 Raffle: $106.00 Brother Kamal Alsawaf and it was donated to the new Chaldean refugees.
Closing Prayer – led by Brother Bill Brown. The canonization of Father McGivney.
Next Meeting – will be held on Saturday 21st at 1:00 PM in Brawley.

Poway, CA 92064

Meeting Adjourned!






Phone #

21 Mar.


Saint Margaret Mary

620 S. Cesar Chavez, Brawley, CA

Frank Contreras




St. Michael the Archangel

9310 Dalehurst Road Santee, CA

Don Spees




Sacred Heart, Coronado

19 Jun


Our Lady Of Perpetual Help

Lakeside, CA

Bob Moran


April 2009 Horse Shoe Meeting Hemet, CA

April 2009 Religious Appreciation Dinner Rancho Bernardo
May 15-17, 2009 State Convention San Diego, CA

SD Chapter Degree Schedule2008-2009

Date & Day

Registration Time

Degree Time

Council # & Name

Location: Parish

Contact Person

Phone Number





St. Charles # 7903

Imperial Beach

Michael Brault





St. Charles # 7903

Imperial Beach

Michael Brault





St. Charles # 7903

Imperial Beach

Michael Brault





St. Charles # 7903

Imperial Beach

Michael Brault






St. Charles, # 7903

Imperial Beach

Michael Brault





St. Charles, # 7903

Imperial Beach

Michael Brault





St. Charles, # 7903

Imperial Beach

Michael Brault





St. Charles, # 7903

Imperial Beach

Michael Brault



Apr. 26, ‘09

1:00 PM

2:00 PM

#6979 Thomas P. Healy Council

St. Mark’s Parish, San Marcos

Frank Marsh

(760) 752-3054

June 21, ‘09

1:00 PM

2:00 PM

# 7903 St. Charles

Imperial Beach

Michael Brault


Grand Knights, District Deputies, and Team Captains to 1) set a Degree schedule for the rest of this Columbian Year and 2) to send me that information ASAP so that I can add it to this database and have it uploaded to both the State and Chapter websites.

California State Council Officers 2008-2009

State Deputy Robert J. Villalobos 760-744-8647

State Chaplain Rev. Fr. Charles Fuld

State Secretary Vince Pacis 650-588-8408

State Treasurer Ivan Reek 951-845-5111

State Advocate Charles Clark 916-638-2501

State Warden Dr. Raymond Warriner

San Diego Diocese Chapter Program Chairmen 2007-2008

Program Director Michael Brault 619548-3190

Adoration Bill Brown 760-471-8212

Basketball Free Throw Chris Warner 619-501-7869

Blood Bank Lucino Aleman 619-470-2037

Ceremonials Frank Marsh 760-752-3054

Chapter Charities Bud Foster 619-437-0215

Columbian Retirement Bart Bartolomeo 760-944-0742

Advocacy for Culture of Life Hugh Largey 858-689-9595

Essay Contest John Carney 619-972-3781

Helping People with Mental Disabilities Larry Campitiello 858-487-2832

Membership Abe Doliente 858-536-9423

Retention Jim Mihalick 760-917-2550

Round Table/New Council Development Abe Doliente 858-536-9423

Parades / Keep Christ in Christmas Gene Garibay 619-582-3615

Poster Contest Sal Acampora 858-538-1546

Priests’ Golf Tournament Jerry Heying 760-747-3431

Public Relations John Ramirez 858-673-1949

Scholarships Joe Valdez 951-696-8435

Soccer Challenge

Special Olympics John Ramirez 858-673-1949

Columbian Squires Armando Mena 760-967-9125

Vocations Manny Perez 760-746-5932

Wheel Chair Foundation John Giltner 858-673-7397

Keep Christ in Christmas Magnets Marvin Sylakowski 619-445-6797

Necrology Jerry Balesteri619-583-0400

San Diego Diocese Chapter District Deputies 2008-2009

District 106 Vern Steinman 760-434-6346

District 107 Marv Woodring 858-259-1173

District 108 Manny Perez 760-746-5932

District 109 Vernon Snyder 858-444-6246

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San Diego Diocese Chapter Faithful Navigators 2007-2008

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64 Imperial Valley Assembly Lee A. Quarcelino 760-336-9994

74 Fr. Peyri Assembly Joe Bator

2063 Ferdinand Magellan Assembly Harry Thoms

2122 Bishop Charles Buddy Assembly

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2449 Our Lady of Guadalupe Assembly

2652 Fr. Joseph T. O’Callahan Assembly

The presentation about life perspective:

Worthy Chapter president and worthy knights: I direct the social ministry office and it is a real pleasure to be here this evening. It is great to work with the knights especially when we worked together to help passing of proposition 8. I want to start off and Lind is going to share with you what Life perspective is doing and I will end up by sharing with you what the Bishop gave me a permission to do just the other day. Brothers you are getting this information before any body else. Life Perspective has been busy for number of years planning away for women, men, mothers, fathers…etc. to deal with abortion experiences. Not to deal with them in a real sophisticated way after years of coming to grips with it but to start dealing with it. Linda is going to share with you what life perspective has developed and I will share how the Diocese with the assistant of the parishes will make it happen.

Linda Stewart: thank you for having me again and giving me the chance to share with you what life perspective is doing.

Statistically 1 out of 3 women will have had abortion by the age of 45. That statistics does not include her partner, her parents, her grandparents, her siblings, the surviving children and even friends who might participated in the decision or aware of it before or after the effect. Once we take it to account all those individuals then we realize it is in the tens of millions of people who have been involved by abortion decision. Just by that number we realize that most of us in the room ourselves have been personally affected. So it is fair to say we walk pass individuals who are affected by this decision on a daily basis. That made the Diocese of NY to launch this new program and here is a short story.

I was on a train today here in NY City, and as I sat listening to my iPod, I looked up and saw this advertisement. The ad had a guy on it and over his head was written, “I wonder if there was more I could have done for her?” Below was written, Abortion Changes you…As I read these three words I began to cry. I don’t think about it much; therefore I had begun to think I’m okay now. Then something, anything, a song, a smell, will break me down…There is a part of my heart, a piece of my soul that is fractured. My son was that piece that can never be filled or replaced. My eyes are filling with tears as I type now. The screen becomes blurry to me as I try to honor my baby. I said “son” not because I was told it was a boy, but because I know he was…I was five and a half weeks pregnant when I decided to terminate my pregnancy. At the time I felt it was my only choice. Even now, I feel I couldn’t have given him the amazing life he deserved. But, the thought that he just deserved a life period haunts me everyday…I was never raised to believe that abortion was the answer…I never thought much about it. I guess I was always felt it was up to the mother, whether or not I thought it was wrong or right. You never really know how you feel about something; until you’re faced with that thing head on…The short time that I was pregnant was a bittersweet time. I loved him and was happy about him, even though I knew I would never meet him. Although I would never look into his beautiful eyes, never touch his warm skin to mine, never smell his head; the thought of him made me happy…I apologized to him every night for what I was going to do. A part of me died in that sterile room the day he was terminated. This part of me will always ache for him, and wish he were here. But, I want to stop hating myself for what I did. How do I do that? Do I even deserve to?
Tens of million of Americans are asking that question and that they have no way that they know right now, no safe place to ask.
The Abortion Changes You outreach worked with local after abortion healing resources and counselors to receive people. Local resources were then listed on AbortionChangesYou.com. Speaking engagements were held to introduce groups and the general public to the outreach.
Over 1,000 ads were installed on 1,000 cars on all major subway lines for five weeks(from October 9, 2008 through November 7, 2008).
Over 1,600 New Yorkers visited AbortionChangesYou.com while the subway ads were in place. There have been over 24,000 visits from 124 countries and territories to the web site.
Thank you and God bless you all.
Ken Peters followed with explaining what the ministry center is doing with life perspective and how the knights can help at the chapter level and with all the Grand knights in San Diego. He mentioned the Bishop is supporting this project and they will have more information later on and hoping that this program will start locally by early 2010.

February 2009

Worthy Grand Knight

Knights of Columbus

San Diego and Imperial Counties

Worthy Grand Knight,

Sincerest thanks and our greatest respect to you and your Councils for your dedicated work to support charities and to make a lasting difference in our world.
In January, Life Perspectives attended the Knights of Columbus Chapter Charities Dinner at the MCAS Miramar Officers Club as one of five recipients of a Chapter Charities gift.
This was such an honor! We have worked and partnered with so many of you for a number of years, and I feel I know you a little better and appreciate you even more (if that is possible) after this special evening. Celebrating with you and your leadership was just as much a gift as the generous check we received. We cannot thank you enough!
Because of you, what started years ago as a small local project is now an emerging national outreach with increasing significance and impact.
You have provided opportunities and resources for Life Perspectives to reach San Diego and our nation. Thank you for embracing a culture of life, thank you for sharing our vision.
With gratitude,

Linda Stewart
Life Perspectives, Vice President of Education

Chapter Meeting

Saturday, March 21, 2009

In Brawley, CA.

Hosting council #2130

Let’s Get on the bus

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