C by eliminating the need for a darkroom

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How did George Eastman's 1888 introduction of the Kodak roll film camera make photography "accessible to almost everyone"?   a. by making it cheaper b. by introducing faster film c. by eliminating the need for a darkroom d. by making it possible to take more pictures on a roll

c. by eliminating the need for a darkroom

Film developing tanks are usually made of plastic or________. a. stainless steel b. glass c. aluminum d. chrome‑plated steel

a. stainless steel

Excessive agitation while developing film can cause_____.   a. increased density b. increased contrast c. surge marks d. all the above

d. all the above

The most popular type of plastic developing reel allows film to be threaded onto the reel with a ___action.   a. twisting b. pulling c. ratcheting d. toughing

c. ratcheting

Developer and ____________are both necessary for film development.   a. photo- flow b. stop bath c. fixer d. all the above

c. fixer

  Blurring in a photograph cannot be caused by?   a. subject motion b. camera movement c. low shutter speed d. low film speed

d. low film speed

When hand‑holding a camera _____ second is the slowest practical shutter speed for most photographers.   a. 1\15 b. 1\30 c. 1\125 d. 1\250

b. 1\30

Fast shutter speeds and large apertures are chosen to/for   a. stop action b. more detail c. greater depth of field

a. stop action

A camera must gather light rays and _____them on a light‑sensitive material.   a. Lay b. Place c. Arrange d. Focus

d. Focus

Depth of field _____ as the aperture is made larger, and _____ as it is made smaller.   a. decreases – increases b. increases - decreases

a. deceases – increases

  • Most if not all photographs are made with ____________ light.
  •  a. absorbed
  • b. reflected
  • c. specular
  • d. contrast

b. reflected

Which of the materials listed is most commonly used for making tripods?   a. carbon fiber b. aluminum c. wood d. titanium

b. aluminum

In a film speed rating, such as ISO 800, the letters "ISO" stand for   a. Integrated Standards Organization b. Infrared Speed Operation c. International Standards Organization d. Improved Speed Objective

c. International Standards Organization

Assuming that you are using a 35mm SLR camera, which of the following lenses would you choose to provide an angle of view and a perspective most similar to unaided human vision?   a. 28mm b. 50mm c. 80mm d. 105mm

b. 50mm

When light is composed of red, blue, and green wavelengths in approximately equal it is said to be? a. incandescent b. yellow c. fluorescent d. white

d. white

  • In the visible spectrum, light of which color has the longest wavelength?
  • a. red
  • b. yellow
  • c. green
  • d. blue

a. red

Averaged light meter readings produce an exposure value for______   a. midday skylight b. highlights c. shadows d. middle gray

d. middle gray

A _______ photographic image must be developed to become visible.   a. Negative b. Positive c. Latent d. Clear

c. Latent

The photographic terms positive and negative were introduced by _______   a. Herschel b. Daguerre c. Fox Talbot d. Eastman

c. Fox Talbot

The dry plate process, developed by Richard Leach Maddox, substituted a(n)_________‑based emulsion for the collodion base used in wet‑plate photography.   a. sodium chloride b. gelatin c. silver halide d. acetate

b. gelatin

The pleasing selection and arrangement of subjects within the picture is called?   a. Framing b. Balance c. Composition

c. Composition

Life magazine perfected the ___________________?   a. Printing Color Photos b. Photographic Essay c. Postcards

b. Photographic Essay

The term _____ is used to describe an early approach to photography that attempted to imitate painting.   a. abstractionism b. naturalism c. dadaism d. pictorialism

d. pictorialism

How much did the Browning Camera in a box sell for? a. $ .50 b. $ 1.00 c. $ 1.50 d. $ 2.00

b. $ 1.00

A ______ camera does not have a viewing/focusing system.   a. rangefinder b. pinhole c. large format d. twin‑lens reflex

b. pinhole

An ISO 50 film is only ‑ as sensitive to light as an ISO 400 film. a. one‑sixteenth b. one‑eighth c. one‑quarter d. one‑half

b. one‑eighth

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