By Lois Lowry Final Essay-Grade 7 English Honors

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The Giver by Lois Lowry

Final Essay—Grade 7 English Honors

For your final written assessment on The Giver, you will be composing a written response to one of four prompts. Your writing will be completed in class and will be timed; you will not know which prompt you are going to write about until the actual date of the writing assignment. To prepare, you must create sticky notes for each of the prompts below. You are allowed to write down your ideas on one sticky note per prompt. You may not write complete sentences on these sticky notes, but you can write down bulleted ideas and page numbers for sections of the book containing evidence and quotations that you would like to use in your writing. On the day of the assessment, you will be allowed to use both your prepared sticky note and your novel. This writing assessment will count as a test grade.
Below are the writing assessment prompts. Prepare one sticky note per prompt. No complete sentences on sticky notes allowed! Page numbers are encouraged.
Writing Prompt 1 (Explanatory):

The word utopia is a pun on two Greek words: outopia (no place) and eutopia (good place). Utopia refers to a perfect, imaginary world. A dystopia (bad place) is an imaginary society that often reveals the dehumanization of the people who live in them. What kind of world has Lowry created in The Giver? Write an essay stating your opinion of the community in The Giver. Use evidence from the story to support your ideas.

Writing Prompt 2(Explanatory):

This book is a lot like life. Our most cherished beliefs, the values of the individual, the family, and the society – these are the symbols and themes interwoven throughout the novel. We often take our way of living for granted. One day our choices, and with them our memories, feelings, and freedoms, may be gone. In an essay, explain how The Giver is a book about making choices and dealing with consequences. How does Lowry reveal the fragility and preciousness of life in her story? Use specific examples from the story to support your answer.

Writing Prompt 3(Explanatory):

Discuss three events and/or three people that reinforce Jonas’ decision to escape the community to Elsewhere. Explain how Jonas’s outlook on the community changes after experiencing each event and his encounters with each character. What was the turning point for Jonas? Use specific details and novel language to support your ideas.

Writing Prompt 4 (Explanatory):

Discuss Jonas’s evolution in The Giver as both a dystopian protagonist and a dynamic character. Make sure you include details about both of these literary terms, and explain how Jonas fits the description of each. Support all ideas with specific examples from the text.


Essay Organization:
Paragraph 1: Hook

Restate the prompt topic

Include author’s name, novel title, and genre

Thesis Statement (what point you are trying to make in your essay?)

Paragraph 2: Evidence 1
Paragraph 3: Evidence 2
Paragraph 4: Evidence 3
Paragraph 5: Restate Thesis

Powerful Closing Statement


  • Take your time to read each sentence and check for clear ideas.

  • Avoid using “I” or “You” in this paper. The over-use of these words will cause your paper to sound immature.

  • Make sure to capitalize each word and name properly. For example, The Giver, Receiver of Memory, etc.

  • Use quotations correctly. When providing evidence, use direct quotes and identify the chapter from which the evidence was taken. For example:

In chapter twenty-two the author suggests that Jonas was struggling with his choice. She states, “Once he had yearned for choice. Then, when he had had a choice, he had made the wrong one: the choice to leave.”

Download 17.59 Kb.

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