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Build Book Buzz Publicity Forms and Templates

By Sandra Beckwith

Table of Contents

How to Use this Workbook 4

Message Development Template 5

Sample Message 7

Book Announcement Press Release Writing Form 8

Sample Book Announcement Press Release 11

Author Bio Form 13

Sample Author Bio 15

Author Q&A Template 16

Sample Author Q&A 17

Tip Sheet Writing Template 20

Sample Tip Sheet 23

Press Release Writing Form 25

Sample Press Release 28

Press Kit Quiz Template 29

Sample Press Kit Quiz 31

Book Review Form 32

Sample Book Review 35

Web Site Press Room Template 37

Sample Web Site Press Room 39

Virtual Book Tour E-mail Pitch Template 40

Sample Virtual Book Tour E-mail Pitch 42

Radio Talk Show E-mail Pitch Template 43

Sample Radio Talk Show E-mail Pitch 45

Article or Segment Pitch Letter Form 46

Sample Article or Segment Pitch Letter 48

Syndicated Article Writing Template 49

Sample Syndicated Article 52

Create a Sound Bite Form 54

Sample Sound Bites 56

Book Publicity Plan Template 57

Sample Book Publicity Plan 62

Book Publicity Resources 65

About the Author 70

Introducing two exciting buzz-building workshops for authors! 71

How to Use this Workbook

This workbook contains nearly all the forms and templates you’ll need to generate exciting buzz in the press for your book, whether you’ve produced a work of fiction or nonfiction.

STARTING OUT: Before working with these media relations tools, take a minute to print the workbook and review everything offered here. Read the introductory text before each tool to determine if it’s the right resource for your current goal. The instructions for each tool and the samples I’ve included should help you decide which ones will suit your purposes. (Thanks to author friends Jen Singer, Susan Finn, and Robbie Kaplan and publicist Patti Danos for allowing me to reprint their tools. I appreciate their generosity.)

PLANNING: I’ve included information on how to write a book publicity plan for those of you who haven’t done that yet. A publicity plan gives you the essential blueprint you need to make things happen. It’s not a media relations tool like everything else in this workbook – it’s a planning tool. It helps you figure out where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. You should create your book publicity plan before doing anything else, but I wanted you to see what tools were at your disposal before you determined how – or if – they would fit into your publicity plan. That’s why I’ve included the plan-writing form at the end of the workbook.

USABILITY: Please note that while most e-books are sold as PDF files, this one is a Word file because it’s more useful to you that way. I want you to be able to copy and paste each template into a new Word file so you can literally fill in the blanks on your computer screen. You might even want to copy and paste each tool into a permanent Word file that you save and protect as your master document – your master press release form, tip sheet form, author bio form, and so on.

QUESTIONS?: Finally, please let me know if you have questions, comments or feedback. Is there something missing? Could I explain something more clearly? I’d love to hear from you. Contact me at

Message Development Template

If you aren’t clear on your message each time you communicate with the media, your publicity efforts will be less effective. Giving careful attention to your communication messages allows you to get a little more control over the unpredictable – and generally uncontrollable – publicity process. Anything you can do to exert some control is good.

Your message development focuses around determing the point you want to make – the “headline” in the template below – and bolstering it with “supporting information.” When creating and finetuning messages for the media and other communication efforts, supporting information is often in the form of statistics, compelling facts, and anecdotes that illustrate the message point.

Use this template to develop one to three messages – all you’ll need for the typical media encounter – and to organize the information that supports your messages.

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