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BuddhaNet’s On-line Magazine

Directions: Go to the following website http://buddhanet.net/budzine.htm and complete this worksheet.

Goal: Increase your depth of understanding of Buddhism through this on-line magazine. You must visit and complete two sections on this sheet.

Part 1: Go to the Daily Enlightenment section and use the calendar to locate your birthday.

Birthdate_____________ Title______________

Summary your daily enlightenment.

Part 2: Choose one of the Buddhism Comic Strips summarize the message. What characters does the author use? Is this a universal message or it is unique to Buddhism…for instance does it relate to Catholicism.

Part 3: Go to Photo Documentaries. From there choose the Bhutan photo essay.

What are your thought regarding the essay. Are these pictures consistent with other information you have learned regarding this region? What new information did you learn about these people and region?

Part 3: Interactive Tour of the Wheel of Life. Wheel of Life illustrates in a popular way the essence of the Buddhist teachings, the Four Truths: the existence of earthly suffering, its origin and cause, the ending or prevention of misery and the practice path to liberation from suffering.

The Wheel of Life describes the cause of all evil and its effects, mirrored in earthly phenomena just as it is experienced by everyone from the cradle to the grave. Picture by picture it reminds us that everyone is always his or her own judge and responsible for their own fate, because, according to Karma, causes and their effects are the fruits of one's own deeds.

The circular composition of the Wheel of Life guides the viewer from picture to picture along the black path or the white path. It leads one through the twelve interwoven causes and their consequences to rebirth in one of the so-called Six Worlds. Projected on one plane, they fill the whole inner sphere the Wheel of Life. But the meaning of this painting is to show the way out of all these worlds of suffering into the sphere beyond

Take a tour of the wheel of life…

What new information did you learn?

Is there anything in our culture that resembles the Buddhist Wheel of Life?

How does the inside (6 Symbolic Worlds) of the wheel differ from the outside(12 Independent Cause and their effects) of the wheel?

Analyze the artwork…

Download 30.5 Kb.

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