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29 Ft Greene Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217 Peggy Blau, College Counselor

Jeffrey Ludwig, College Coordinator/Scholarships Giancarlo Malchiodi, College Advisor

Randy Asher, Principal Telephone: 718/804-6400

Fax: 718/260-9245

Table of Contents:

Carolina Rice Scholarship, National Co-Op Scholarships,

Polytechnic University Jacobs Scholarship..……………………………………..p.1

SUNY Maritime Scholarships, Brooklyn College, Boston Univ.,

Univ. of Richmond, Jackie Robinson Scholarships………………………………p.2

Federal Aid: Student Loan Comparison Chart……………………………………p.3 (online only)

Scholarship Opportunities:

Carolina Rice Scholarship: Five $2,000 cash awards for NY and NJ. 150-250 word essay: “Explain the personal challenges (other than financial) you expect to overcome in college.” Deadline: Feb. 15, 2007. Applications from 1W2 or online at
National Co-Op Scholarship Program: GPA 90 (3.5) Merit scholarships for $5,000/year at Antioch, Drexel, Northeastern, C.W.Post Campus of LIU, Rochester Instit. of Technology, Univ. of Cincinnati, Univ. of Toledo, Pace Univ. Application includes an essay. Deadline Feb. 15, 2007. Application at
Polytechnic University: Jacobs Scholarships for Chemical and Biological Engineering:

Looking for students seeking careers in drug delivery for cancer or HIV cure, biological sensors, genetic, metabolic, protein and tissue engineering, bio-nanotechnology, etc.

Amount: $6,000/year in addition to any financial aid package a student may secure. Needs B+ GPA (87), SAT1 score of 1300, or 650+ Math. Completed or enrolled in one of the following AP classes: Chemistry, Biology, Calculus (AB or BC) or Physics. Must maintain a 3.4 cumulative while at Polytechnic. Deadline for application 1/31/06. See Mr. Ludwig in 7C1 for application form.
SUNY Maritime College: Four year full tuition scholarship. Must be nominated by Governor of NY or State Senator or Assemblyman. elected officials. GPA 90 and SAT CR+M 1100+. Leadership skills demonstrated. Three short essays as part of the application. Application in 1W2 as well as cards of inquiry to obtain more information. Application deadline Dec. 15.
Boston University: Numerous scholarships available. Click this link to review opportunities:
Brooklyn College: Numerous scholarships are available. Descriptions online at Holding a Brooklyn College scholarship does not adversely affect any federal or state financial aid that a student may receive.

Scholarships are evaluated on academic achievement as well as school involvement, community service or volunteer activities and demonstrated leadership.

All incoming freshman students who apply for scholarships to Brooklyn College must complete a separate application for admission to CUNY indicating Brooklyn College as his or her first choice.

Students who apply for the CUNY Honors College, the M.A.-M.D. Program, the Brooklyn College Scholars Program, or the Engineering Program do not need to complete the separate application form for these scholarships as they will automatically be considered.

University of Richmond: No aid package includes more than $4,000 of loans and/or work-study. Student’s financial status never decreases his or her likelihood of admission. The average need-based award for entering students in 2005 was $25,800. Now there is a new Richmond Scholars Program. Awards 50 full-tuition scholarships. No set criteria, but awards place special value on interest and accomplishment in the areas of science/math, the arts, and social justice. Follow regular admission application procedures for consideration. More information at
Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarships: Deadline April 1, 2007. For U.S. citizens and underserved population. Student should have leadership potential and financial need. Pays $7,200 per year. Applications available online..Apply
Peace Essay Contest: For scholarships worth $1,000. State winners will compete for larger scholarships (1st place $10,000). For details about the essay topic and application, go to:

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