Bpe I (First) Year Annual Examination 2011-12 Course Code: bpe104

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BPE I (First) Year Annual Examination 2011-12
Course Code: BPE104 Paper ID: 0191104
Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 70 Max Marks: 75
Note: Attempt six questions in all. Q. No. 1 is compulsory.
1. Answer any five of the following (limit your answer to 50 words). (4x5=20)

a) What is a phrase? Give two examples.

b) How many parts of speech are there in English grammar?

c) What is a Noun? Name the five kinds of Nouns.

d) Give the plural form of the following singular nouns:

(i) Book (ii) Monkey (iii) Storey

e) Name the three Articles used in English.

f) How many tenses are there in English? Name the tenses.

g) What is a preposition? Give three examples.

h) What is a conjunction? Give two examples.

2. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word to be found within the brackets:

a) (Some or Any) (2+2+2)

(i) Can you give me ……… food?

(ii) Have you seen ………… picture recently?

(iii) There is hardly ……… money with me.

b) (Older or Elder) (2+2)

(i) Ramesh is my ………. Brother.

(ii) I am ………… than you.

3. Complete the following sentences by filling in ‘a’ or ‘an’ or ‘the’ as may be suitable: (10)

a) I have a cold in …….. head.

b) Go to ……… post office.

c) He is ………. tall, strong man.

d) There is …………. Bridge over ……… Ganges in Benaras.

e) Both ……… girls are pretty.

4. Write a paragraph on any one of the following topics (within 100 words): (10)

a) Where there is a will, there is a way.

b) A stitch in Time saves nine.

c) A Cricket Match.

5. Write a short essay of about 150 words on any one of the following topics: (10)

a) Terrorism and National Integration.

b) Importance of Physical Education.

c) Physical Fitness.

6. Write a letter to your friend about your college sports. (10)

7. Use the following words in your own sentence: (1.25x8=10)

(i) Rich (ii) Good (iii) Health (iv) Correct

(v) Referee (vi) Competition (vii) Intelligent

(viii) Workship
8. Translate the following paragraph into English: (10)

ge tkurs gSafd xkWa/kh th vius fy, thfor ugh jgsA thou Hkj os nwljks ds fy, thfor jgsA os lh/ks&lkns bZekunkj rFkk lPps O;fDr FksA mUgksus dHkh Hkh fdlh O;fDr dks viuk ‘k=q ugh le>kA fdUrq ,sls cgqr ls O;fDr Fks tks mUgsa viuk ‘k=q ekurs FksA ,sls O;fDr;ksa ds fy, Hkh mUgksus dHkh vf’k”V ‘kCn ugh dgsA tks dke os nwljksa ls djkuk pkgrs Fks] loZçFke mls Lo;a djrs FksA vR;Ur dksykgyiw.kZ Hkh{kw ds e/; os lqxeiwoZd lks ldrs FksA lalkj dks fgyk nsus okys lUns’k] ç;ksx fd;s gq, dkxt ds mYVh vksj fy[k nsrs FksA

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